Bruno Volkmann and Elio Fox Chop Up GGPoker Super MILLION$

Bruno Volkmann earned the official victory, but Elio Fox walked away with the winner's share of the GGPoker Sunday MILLION$. (partypoker photo)

When the final table of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ began on Tuesday, Bruno Volkmann sat seventh in chips, and Elio Fox had the shortest stack with just 8.5 big blinds. Over the three hours that followed, Fox eliminated six of his opponents and Volkmann eliminated another.

And that’s when then things got interesting.

Fox’s comeback started in earnest just 30 minutes after play began. With blinds of 25,000/50,000 (6,000 ante), Fox raised from UTG+1 to 120,000 with AhKs. Zhuang Ruan made it 265,000 from middle position with KcKh and Fox responded by moving all in for 1,353,992. Ruan called all in 1,025,179. The AcAsJd flop gave Fox control of the pot. Ruan was unable to catch the case king on the 6d turn or 5c river and was eliminated in ninth place.

A few moments later, Fox sent another player to the rail. Joakim Andersson raised to 467,358 from UTG+1 with KcQh, leaving himself just 150,000 behind. Fox called from the button with JcJs and the blinds folded. The flop came 7s5s4h and Andersson checked and then called off the last of his stack when Fox bet 200,000. The 2s turn and 5d river completed the board to send Andersson out in eighth.

The #6-ranked player in the PocketFives Rankings, Joao Vieira was the next player to fall victim to Fox. Down to just seven big blinds, Vieira moved raised to 275,000 from middle position with AcKs leaving himself 70,702. Action folded to Fox in the big blind and he raised to 500,000 with TcTh. Vieira called and then watched as the QhJd2c5c6h runout failed to save him from a seventh place result.

Fox continued to find ways to bust other players. From UTG, Fox raised to 140,000 with KcJh. Action folded to Michael Addamo in the big blind and he called with Qs4d and then moved all in for 213,866 on the 9d3d2d flop. Fox tanked for 30 seconds before calling. The turn was the Th and the river was the Ac to miss Addamo’s outs and eliminate the Australian in sixth.

On the next hand, Fox did it again, this time in a blind versus blind spot. Sam Greenwood opened 132,000 with Qc8d before Fox raised to 589,000 from the small blind with KhKs. In the big blind, Antonio Mirotta moved all in for 2,146,888 with TcTs. Greenwood folded and Fox called. The board ran out QhJs9d4h7c to give Fox the 4,463,276 pot and end Mirotta’s run in fifth place.

Four-handed play lasted for quite some time before Volkmann emerged from Fox’s shadow. The #4-ranked player in the world, Volkmann min-raised to 240,000 with KdJc. David Coleman folded his small blind, but Greenwood decided to defend with Td7d. The flop came 7c[2]2s and Greenwood checked to Volkmann who bet 150,000. Greenwood raised to 420,000 and Volkmann called. The Kh turn gave Volkmann top pair and Greenwood checked again. Volkmann bet 120,000 and Greenwood responded by moving all in for 900,162. Volkmann called and then took down the pot after the Th river completed the board to eliminate Greenwood in fourth.

Two hands later however, Fox went back to work. Volkmann folded his button and Fox moved all in for 8,820,568 with As8c. Coleman off his last 1,970,720 with 6c6d. The 7c7d3s flop was a safe one for Coleman as was the 2d turn. The 8d river however gave Fox a better pair to eliminate Coleman in third place.

Heads up play began with Fox holding a better than 2-1 chip advantage over Volkmann. The final two players then engaged in chop discussions using the player chat. GGPoker Super Million$ is one of the only tournaments on GGPoker that doesn’t allow for players to make a deal at the final table using the automated chop feature. Fox asked Volkmann, “Chop?” in the middle of the first hand of heads up play. Volkmann agreed and then looked for the chop button before the next hand. Fox informed him that there wasn’t one and it would have to be done manually.

“I screenshot it, you do same,” Fox typed into the chat box. “I find your number.”

Volkmann agreed and then the two players each moved all in on the next hand. Volkmann won that hand to double up and then won the next hand to earn the official victory while the payouts agreed to between the two players are unknown.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Bruno Volkmann – $319,830.70*
  2. Elio Fox – $253,440.25*
  3. David Coleman – $200,831.07
  4. Sam Greenwood – $159,142.64
  5. Antonio Mirotta – $126,107.76
  6. Michael Addamo – $99,930.34
  7. Joao Vieira – $79,186.73
  8. Joakim Andersson – $62,749.24
  9. Zhuang Ruan – $49,723.79

*Official payout numbers listed. Details of deal made are unknown.