Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris Wins 20th Largest Triple Crown Ever


Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris earned the 20th largest PocketFives Triple Crown ever at 1,036 PLB Points (image: PokerNews, Danny Maxwell)

On June 7, Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris won the PokerStars Super Tuesday. That would be a career-defining accomplishment for anyone, and for Paris, the score was his fifth largest online ever.

His Super Tuesday win also capped off the 20th largest PocketFives Triple Crown ever. It came in at 1,036.27 PLB Points and is one of just 23 Triple Crowns awarded that have hit the 1,000-point plateau.

“A lot of hard work and a lot of good luck went into this, but I had a huge assist from the month of June,” Paris said. “Every year, a large percentage of the top regs go bracelet hunting in Las Vegas, leaving online poker mostly to Canadians, due to withholding, and second-tier Euro regs. Accordingly, June tends to be my best month every year, as I only go to Vegas for the Main Event.”

“The decision was made even easier this year by my wife and me expecting our first-born son in the middle of July,” he added. “I came into June of this year with a mission to maximize my best month and succeeded beyond even my wildest expectations. I’m very happy about how well it has gone so far, but also humbled to some degree by the very noticeable effect that relative field strength can have on win rate. Hopefully, the latter two-thirds of June continue along the same lines that the first third did.”

Paris also half-joked that he hoped to win another Triple Crown by the end of the month. The WSOP Main Event doesn’t start in Las Vegas at the Rio until July 9.

If you’re not familiar with a Triple Crown, here’s how you win one. “All” you need to do is take down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within seven days. Only tournaments with at least 100 entries count and satellites do not qualify. A total of 35 of them have been awarded in 2016.

Hitting 1,000 PLB Points in three tournaments requires three big scores, and that’s exactly what Paris got. First, he won the partypoker Heavyweight Uppercut on the first day of June and put back $9,500. He plays as ‘sir-limpsalot‘ on that site and outlasted a field of 496 players in the $109 buy-in tournament.

One day later, Paris filled out the second leg of his Triple Crown, a win in the Night on Stars. The gold medal was worth just over $5,000 and he beat a field of 242 players, each of whom ponied up $111 to enter. Paris was the highest-ranked PocketFiver to cash and found himself with two Triple Crown qualifying wins in just two days.

Then the biggest score came.

On June 7, Paris won the Super Tuesday on PokerStars for a mammoth $81,000, his fifth largest online score ever. The $1,050 buy-in tournament brought out some heavy-hitters and members of the PocketFives community including Apostolis ‘apostolis20’ Bechrakis (ranked #54 worldwide), Rhys ‘floppinhel’ Jones (#80), and Davide ‘girex91’ Marchi (#104) all finished in the top seven.

Paris’ Triple Crown was the 126th won by a Canadian player. He’s the first Canadian and one of just two non-Europeans to win a Triple Crown since late March.

The 23 Triple Crowns of at least 1,000 PLB Points:

  1. Mathclub – 1,762.83 points
  2. rakis6 – 1,632.13 points
  3. SEABEAST – 1,616.86 points
  4. Belabacsi – 1,608.86 points
  5. shaundeeb – 1,463.49 points
  6. eisenhower1 – 1,274.48 points
  7. oussale – 1,260.25 points
  8. scnoodle – 1,255.26 points
  9. Belabacsi – 1,245.90 points
  10. HITTHEPANDA – 1,238.25 points
  11. NigDawG – 1,184.55 points
  12. paulgees81 – 1,092.07 points
  13. djk123 – 1,061.40 points
  14. moorman1 – 1,060.93 points
  15. norfair18 – 1,059.57 points
  16. rwprado – 1,056.06 points
  17. moumaife84 – 1,053.81 points
  18. Ssick_one – 1,044.73 points
  19. Daisyxoxo – 1,038.83 points
  20. bparis – 1,036.27 points
  21. chaz_man_chaz – 1,033.96 points
  22. The-Toilet – 1,021.29 points
  23. dipthrong – 1,008.46 points