Bryn Kenney Outlasts Erik Seidel to Win Poker Masters Event #3


Bryn Kenney took home another six-figure score by winning Poker Masters Event #3 on Saturday (Poker Central photo)

While the storyline from the first two Poker Masters final tables has been the success of the Germans in the field, one of the questions heading into the final table of Event #3 was where are the Germans?

There were no German players among the final seven players in Event #3 but the storyline ended up being Bryn Kenney‘s ability to bob and weave Erik Seidel‘s attacks to win the event and $960,000.

Sergio Aido was one of three short stacks when the final table began and ended up being the first player sent packing. Jake Schindler made it 35,000 to go from the cutoff and Aido responded by moving all in for 341,000. Schindler called and showed AcJc while Aido was hoping his 6h6s would hold up. The 9c5c2s flop gave Schindler the nut flush draw and while the Ks turn was a blank, the Qc river completed his flush and eliminated Aido.

It took over two more hours before another player was eliminated. Seidel raised to 100,000 from the button and Cary Katz defended his big blind. Katz moved all in afer the 8d6c3h flop and Seidel called. Katz showed Ac9s whil Seidel had Qs3s. Katz got no help from the 6d turn or 5d river and was out in sixth place.

Before Katz could even leave the final table area, Doug Polk joined him on the way out the door. After every other player folded, Bryn Kenney moved all in from the small blind and Polk called all in and tabled 4c4d. Kenney showed Qc8d. The flop came Qd7h7s to give Kenney top two pair. The 2c turn and 5c river were bricks for Polk and he was done in fifth.

Kenney continued in his role as table captain when he sent yet another player out just 30 minutes later. From UTG, Dan Smith raised to 80,000 and Kenney made it 295,000 from the small blind. Smith moved all in for 1,420,000 and Kenney called. Smith showed 7c7s but got bad news when Kenney showed JhJs. The board ran out Ac9c2s2d5d to eliminate Smith.

The final three players played for almost a full hour without an elimination before Seidel and Schindler clashed. Schindler called, Kenney folded and Seidel moved all in from the big blind. Schindler called quickly and tabled AsKs while Seidel showed 3d3h. Schindler could only watch as the Jh8c4d flop, 6d turn, and 3c river all missed his hand and eliminated him in third place.

Heads-up play began with Kenney holding 3,255,000 to Seidel’s 2,745,000. It took just under two hours for Kenney to overcome eight double-ups by Seidel to finally put the Poker Hall of Famer away to win $960,000.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Bryn Kenney – $960,000
  2. Erik Seidel – $576,000
  3. Jake Schindler – $312,000
  4. Dan Smith – $192,000
  5. Doug Polk – $144,000
  6. Cary Katz – $120,000
  7. Sergio Aido – $96,000