Cake Poker Launches Cash Grab Promotion


Running all month long on the USA-friendly online poker site Cake Pokeris the Cash Grab promotion. Super Turbo rewards for completing Gold Stacks as part of the site’s novel rewards program are 50% larger, meaning a parade of paydays is up for grabs. In fact, you’ll get paid every time you complete a Gold Stack and you can win up to $340,000. Text found on Cake Poker’s website explains, “While hitting Level 50 and earning $340,000 in June may require you to never see the light of day, you can still make earn enough cash to fund your summer road trip, a World Series buy-in, or seriously juice your bankroll!”

Let’s take Level 20, for example. Every Super Turbo stack you earn is normally worth $69. With a 50% bonus on the line in June, that number is bumped to $104, meaning that you can earn $624 for advancing the six stacks it takes to get to Level 21.A cumulative prize of $340,000 is on the line as part of the Cash Grab promotion, which began on June 1st and runs through 11:59pm GMT on June 30th. Only Gold Chips that you’ve amassed from real money play are eligible.

Super Turbo prizes are paid out to your account directly. You don’t have to worry about requesting them and Gold Stacks don’t have to be redeemed. Instead, you can spend your hard-earned Gold Chips in special tournaments or at the Cake Shop, which features poker gear and the hottest electronic items.

If that weren’t juicy enough, sign up for Cake Poker rakebackthrough and compete in an exclusive $60,000 June rake race. A total of $60,000 will be given away during the rake race, which awards a top prize of $5,000, the equivalent of a $60,000 per year desk job. The top 300 players will finish in the money, with a minimum payout of $50 on the line. While you’re busy raking for the Cake Poker Cash Grab promotion and $60,000 exclusive June race, you’ll also be earning 33% rakeback. Don’t forget that Cake Poker happily accepts players from the United States.

Like other sites, Cake Poker is sending its players en masse to the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas. A tournament giving away $12,500 prize packages runs at 4:00pm ET every Sunday and comes with a buy-in of $374. Players can use the $12,500 for whatever they’d like, like entering multiple smaller tournaments or competing in poker’s prestigious Main Event, which has a $10,000 buy-in. $2,500 prize packages are also available as part of a Five Step series; the first step weighs in at $1.10.

Every week, Cake Poker runs a high-stakes $100,000 guaranteed tournament that comes with a price tag of $162. Last week, 573 players threw their hats into the ring, creating a $14,000 overlay. Cake Poker member luca73came out on top for just over $20,000, while seh wah landed in second place and earned $14,000. Third on the final leaderboard went to Calgary native dajatt13, who picked up nearly $10,000.

Cake Poker features Lee Jones as its Card Room Manager and happily accepts players from the United States. Jones told that he’s looking forward to watching the Cash Grab promotion play out this month: “It’s not as complex as it may seem at first blush. If you reach the requirements for Super Turbo status, we give you a 50% bonus on top of what you’d ordinarily earn. If the Super Turbo reward is 16 Gold Chips, we give you 24 instead. If the Super Turbo reward is $80, we give you $120 instead. It’s that simple.”

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