Geez Lance Bradley you might want to proof read your article before posting it.

" The next decent-sized pot began with Hall on the button. Hall raised to 400 from the button with and Dentale defended with . Both players checked the flop to see the turn. Dentale check-called Hall’s 500 bet. The river was the and Dentale checked allowing Hall to bet 900. Dentale took nearly 90 seconds before calling and losing the hand to drop to 7.375."

So in the above hand Hall has Ac4c and Dentale has 8d7c. Flop is 10d 2c 2d. Then the turn is a 10d again? So there is 2 cards both 10 diamonds? Then the river is an 8s. Yet you say Dentale calls a river bet with 8d 7c and still loses after pairing his cards? He paired his 8 how could he have lost to an Ace high?