Celebrate MLB Opening Week with an Exclusive $500 Freeroll on FanDuel


On Thursday, April 5th, seven games will take place as the 2012 Major League Baseball season gets underway. The Atlanta Braves will visit the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies will travel to Pittsburgh in the battle of Pennsylvania, the Chicago Cubs will host the Washington Nationals, the Cincinnati Reds will host Miami, the newly purchased L.A. Dodgers will travel to San Diego, the Boston Red Sox will visit the Detroit Tigers, and the Toronto Blue Jays will play in Cleveland.

On FanDuel, an exclusive $500 daily fantasy baseball freeroll will take place for members of the PocketFives community. Your FanDuel account does not have to be tracked to PocketFives in order to play and you can exploit factors like weather, injuries, and pitching match-ups when choosing your teams. FanDuel is one of the top daily fantasy sports sites on the Net and a longtime advertiser on PocketFives.

You’ll have $35,000 to fill out a roster consisting of one pitcher, one catcher, one first baseman, one second baseman, one third baseman, one shortstop, and three outfielders. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive players at each position you can select:

Clayton Kershaw vs. San Diego – $9,500
Justin Verlander vs. Boston – $9,500
Roy Halladay vs. Pittsburgh – $9,000

Victor Martinez vs. Boston – $3,800
Carlos Santana vs. Toronto – $3,600
Brian McCann vs. New York Mets – $3,600

First Base:
Miguel Cabrera vs. Boston – $4,400
Joey Votto vs. Miami – $4,100
Adrian Gonzalez vs. Detroit – $4,100

Second Base:
Dustin Pedroia vs. Detroit – $4,100
Chase Utley vs. Pittsburgh – $3,800
Brandon Phillips vs. Miami – $3,800

Third Base:
Kevin Youkilis vs. Detroit – $3,900
Brett Lawrie vs. Cleveland – $3,900
Ryan Zimmerman vs. Chicago Cubs – $3,900

Jose Reyes vs. Cincinnati – $4,400
Jimmy Rollins vs. Pittsburgh – $3,900
Dee Gordon vs. San Diego – $3,800

Matt Kemp vs. San Diego – $4,700
Jose Bautista vs. Cleveland – $4,700
Jacoby Ellsbury vs. Detroit – $4,400

The top 13 players in the exclusive $500 freeroll on FanDuel will walk away with prizes. Here’s how the purse will be distributed:

1st Place: $125
2nd Place: $80
3rd Place: $60
4th Place: $40
5th Place: $35
6th Place: $30
7th Place: $25
8th Place: $20
9th Place: $20
10th Place: $20
11th Place: $15
12th Place: $15
13th Place: $15

If you’re looking for a high-stakes game, FanDuel is also running the 2012 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship and dishing out $100,000 to first place, $25,000 to second place, and $18,000 to third place. If you win one of 15 qualifiers, you and a guest will head to Las Vegas, the capital of poker, on July 28th. All of your expenses will be covered and you’ll compete in a one-day fantasy baseball game for a $100,000 grand prize. Everyone who makes it to Sin City is guaranteed to take home at least $1,500.

Here’s what you can expect on the day of the finale, according to FanDuel: “After getting your final picks in on Sunday morning, you’ll join everyone for breakfast in a private luxury box in Lagasse’s Stadium, the premier sports bar in the entire country. Watch wall-to-wall baseball, track the FanDuel scores live, and enjoy free food and drink all day long.”

Entries to the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship are 10 bucks and the first qualifier comes your way on April 6th. First place wins a seat in the Vegas tournament, while 55 other finishers will cash. You can enter as many teams as you want into a single qualifier.

Sign up for the $500 FanDuel freeroll today. And if you like what you see, make a deposit.