Charity, Skis, and a Nice Bottle of Macallan


If you won $77,000 after chopping a big poker tournament, what would you do with it? Pay off student loans? Sink it back into your bankroll? Drink heavily? Travel around the world? For Andrew jambeyangRobson (pictured), a heads-up chop of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up in mid-January meant the chance to spend $77,000 however he wanted. His top-of-mind activities: donating to charity, buying a new pair of skis, and sipping a nice bottle of Macallan whiskey.

“I am pretty happy with the score,” Robson told PocketFives. “I was on a bit of a downswing and it’s my biggest score on PokerStars’ dot-com site, so I’ll take it.” His largest tracked score ever came in 2013, when he won the FCOOP Main Event for a healthy $300,000, defeating a field of more than 1,400 entrants.

He chopped heads-up with PokerStars player Elmagico19A1, who earned $90,000. “I forgot you had to leave $10,000 to play for,” Robson said of the deal. “So, there wasn’t much to chop. I was only getting an extra $5,000, but thought I might as well accept it to lock up a bit extra.”

The final table that week had some heavy-hitters, including Mark dipthrongHerm (pictured), who finished fourth, and Steve Illini213 Barshak, who busted in eighth. “Luckily, Illini213 busted early and was on my right,” Robson said of the two longstanding, successful PocketFivers. “dipthrong is an absolute sicko, so I hated having him on my left. He put me in a couple of tough spots for sure. Somehow, I managed to avoid any huge confrontations with him. It was all part of the unreal run-good I had in order to win.”

As we said, the FCOOP Main Event marked the largest score of his poker career thus far. “It was really nice to get the six-figure monkey off my back,” he noted. “It also gave me a huge bankroll boost. I didn’t tell my parents right away, but my sister and friends were all super happy, especially those who had a piece. My parents are a lot more accepting of poker now, so it’s nice to be able to share the big wins with them now.”

His poker story is anything but smooth. He started playing on Ladbrokes when he was 18, made a few thousand dollars, and his parents, to use his words, “talked me out of it.” His poker career resumed when he was 21 in order to make money while in university. He told us, “I was studying philosophy and it opened my mind. It made me realize all the great things about poker and all the reasons I should be playing. It made me realize that maybe my parents were wrong on this one.”

Outside of poker, Robson, who calls England home, is a fan of the outdoors and enjoys “anything that’s not water-based” like mountaineering, climbing, cycling, and skiing. “Skiing is the nuts,” he gleaned. He also enjoys cryptic crosswords, Magic: The Gathering, collecting whiskey, and partying. Yes, we had to Google “cryptic crosswords” as well.

He closed by sending shout outs to thawright, 22anygood(pictured), SureNaw, and all of his other friends in poker for their support and help. Robson has been a member of PocketFives since 2011 and is the 29th ranked player in the UK. Worldwide, you can find him at #275 in the PocketFives Rankings. He’s quickly closing in on $2.5 million in tracked online poker scores and it seems like only a matter of days until he reaches that milestone.

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