Chatting with BillyChat: “Fingers Crossed I’ll Be Lifting a Trophy Very Soon”


We think Billy BillyChatChattaway (pictured) might have one of the most-fun-to-say names on PocketFives. Just try saying it five times fast. The Londoner came out on top in the Ongame ChampionChip last month for $13,000 and, given he’s approaching $2 million in tracked scores, we figured it was time to catch up.

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The ChampionChip had 340 runners at $190 a pop and Chattaway remarked, “It feels good to have a decent score. It’ll go into my Vegas fund for this summer.” He had a double-up early on with aces on the turn against a huge draw and said it was “pretty smooth” sailing from there on out.

Chattaway reached the final table as the short stack with a scant 11 big blinds, but hung tough. “I played a very patient game, just trying to ladder a few places before I had to start taking more risks six-handed,” he recalled. “After that, I ran pure and it was nice to turn around an 8:1 chip deficit heads-up.” The top 46 players made the money.

Chattaway hasn’t had a five-figure score on PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, in almost a year. Instead, the Brit has been focusing on smaller sites to run up his bankroll. “I’ve decided the most profitable way to play is on the Euro sites and also a little bit more live. PokerStars I found was too swingy for me and a lot more stressful than poker needed to be. In the last couple of years, I’ve learned a lot about bankroll management and game selection, so I’m trying to implement that a lot more nowadays.”

He usually plays on Ongame, Microgaming, and iPoker and has made the leaderboard on all three networks in terms of total profits, Chattaway told us. He added, “I have won on these sites consistently for the last four years in which I’ve played professionally. I’m happy with my game and how things are progressing, so fingers crossed I’ll be lifting some sort of trophy very soon.”

Speaking of trophies, Chattaway is about to hop around northern Europe and across “The Pond” for several big-time live events, including the Irish Open, UKIPT Nottingham, and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, where he’ll set up shop for a month-and-a-half. “I love what I do, so it’s great,” Chattaway said of his jet-setting live poker lifestyle. “I just came back from Chamonix where I was skiing and snowboarding with some close friends. That was great.”

Speaking of Vegas, Chattaway doesn’t have a concrete schedule mapped out for his six weeks in the States, but said, “I’ll play what WSOP events I can and also some Venetian tournaments and better-structured events around town. Ten of my friends from home who don’t play poker are going in mid-July after the WSOP, so I’m hoping I’m still alive and have money to enjoy a mad week with them. Hopefully we will celebrate me winning my first million!’

By the way, it’ll be Chattaway’s first time in Las Vegas, so if you have any advice or tips for him, feel free to leave them in the “Comments” section below this article. He summarized, “I feel I’m a lot more mature than a few years ago, so I can be disciplined, enjoy myself, and hopefully turn a profit.”

He also diverts his attention away from poker by playing football. He used to play the game professionally as a left back and says he plays a few times a week nowadays in order to keep fit. “I was less motivated and disciplined at football, and more late nights playing poker meant I didn’t feel I could do both,” he said.

Chattaway plays under the user name b8chatzon PokerStars and b8crapzon iPoker and Ongame. He is the #2 ranked player in London and #404 worldwide.

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  1. “I love what I do, so it’s great,” Chattaway said of his jet-setting live poker lifestyle. “I just came back from Chamonix where I was skiing and snowboarding with some close friends. That was great.” – BillyChat 2014 keeping it average. WP M8 , Gl in the desert.

    • AND just bagged another triple crown tonight! See big things for ya this year mate!! Best of luck in Vegas and on the virtuals!Best advice i can give you for Vegas is………. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!! lol