Chris Moorman on How To Maximize Profits in a Longer Series

Chris Moorman has some great tips for how to take advantage of long online series’.

One of the busiest periods of online poker tournaments is in the home stretch with many more massive guarantees yet to be paid out in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and the 888poker XL Eclipse. Former #1-ranked PocketFiver and current 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman has played in more major online series than nearly anyone in history and has multiple suggestions for players looking to improve their online performance.

For starters, Moorman is a fan of the occasional day off. There are major tournaments going off every day and taking a session away to mentally recharge is something Moorman approves of.

“I try to identify a day or two during the series which has tournaments that don’t interest me as much and pencil them in for a day off. This way everyday I do play I’m excited to logon and register rather than starting to dread it if a series is going poorly which can easily happen with all of the variance involved with tournament poker”

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The variance portion of an online series can rear its ugly head in high equity spots and Moorman preaches that players pay more attention to their play rather than results, no matter how bad the downswing.

“I try to separate how I rate my overall performance that session in comparison to the actual results. If I’m happy with how I’m playing then I know the results are just around the corner as I’m very honest with myself and actually often too hard on myself rather than some players who can bemoan their luck without actually realizing they are making some huge mistakes.”

With all of the volume that players put in during a series, basic body functions, like sleep, are put on the wayside. Moorman used to not sleep much in the midst of a three-week series but soon realized its importance and stresses that players try to get as much of it as possible.

“Sleep is important! I used to play sessions after only a few hours sleep but now as I’ve got older and more sensible I know the importance of being both physically and mentally on top of things can give you that extra 5-10% you need in order to close out those deep runs.”

The all-time winningest tournament player in online history didn’t make it there by accident and the 2017 WSOP bracelet winner is as competitive as ever to add to his lengthy career resume.

Already, Moorman is cashing at a high rate during XL Eclipse and finished third in the $50,000 guaranteed Octopus for $9,039 over the weekend.

Winning tournaments is what sets Moorman apart from his other competition and while he doesn’t have any specific goals, he does intend to use his decade of experience as much as he can to close out a big event should he have the chance.

“My aim is to put myself in the best position to close out a big tourney and then try to execute in the latter stages to the best of my ability.”


  1. Words from the master, awesome….

    “give you that extra 5-10%”….wow, thats what happened!!….The little red dot at the top top of the ‘everyone’ stat did run off the top edge of my screen…was wondering how yu did it?…regularly scheduled naps, and recess….love it