Chris Moorman Still Piling Up Accolades, Passes $15M in Earnings

Chris 'moorman1' Moorman takes another step towards breaking back into the top-10.

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas came to an end just over two weeks ago, and as a wealth of professional players departed from the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, many returned to their normal daily online poker grind.

One man who was back on the online streets earlier than the others was former PocketFives Worldwide #1-ranked Chris Moorman. The Brit, who achieved a personal record of 11 WSOP cashes in a single series over the summer, was at his newly purchased home in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 15 when he fired up tournaments on and other online sites.

The evening’s grind was going well for the 888poker ambassador. With several cashes already locked up, he contemplated registering in just one more, the $500 $25,000 GTD Weekly Sunday 6-max on Just a few hours later, Moorman won the tournament for a score of $16,928.75 and in doing so he became the first player to achieve $15m in recorded online cashes.

“It was cool that I got over the mark with a win,” said Moorman. “I was really close after I min-cashed a high roller tournament on Americas Cardroom for around $4,000 earlier that evening and I needed about $5,500 in cashes at the start of the session to make it over the $15 million mark.”

“I wasn’t sure I was even going to play that tournament, as I was approaching the end of my session, but I was still in some other tables, so I jumped in at the last minute with ten big blinds, and within about 90 minutes I was at the final table,” he added.

The win for Moorman secured the accolade and his 365th PocketFives gold medal. The 33-year-old became well-known in the online poker world when he achieved the first of his 28 online Triple Crowns in March of 2007 and rose to the top of world rankings by August 2008. Moorman would consistently perform and hold the top spot on-and-off over the next six years, building up an online record others simply couldn’t get close to.

“It’s nice to have these achievements, I’m very proud of them,” said Moorman. “I feel like I’ve been around poker for such a long time now, and seen lots of people come and go. So it’s great to try and get at least one triple crown each year now.”

Moorman has switched his attention to live poker more over the last few years, while also concentrating on his 888poker ambassador role. Despite that, his online ambition remains high, while admitting that it is harder to achieve now.

“It’s getting tougher and tougher to do. Some of the guys, especially the Swedish players, they don’t play live often and are at home grinding putting up a ridiculous amount of cashes on the board. And with the weekly high roller tournaments, they can catch up pretty quickly if they want to. So it’s nice for me to still put up some numbers online and keep them off my back for the time being.” said Moorman.

Moorman went on to say that one of his biggest fans is his dad, who is always keeping an eye on his next targets.

“My dad is always telling me what I need to do to hit certain goals and targets in poker. My aim originally was to hit the $15m mark around the time of 888poker XL series. I knew If I had a good score it would take me over, as at the start of the series I was around $200,000 off the mark. But once that didn’t happen, I figured it would come further down the line after the WSOP, but I was able to do it playing on just days after the series had ended.”

The WSOP can be a grueling experience with a packed schedule for most players. With Moorman cashing in 11 events as well as three outside of the Rio, which included victory in the $1,025 + 75 No Limit Hold’em Wynn Summer Classic for $55,805, the former Essex based player said he was feeling the pace ahead of the Main Event.

“It was long days, and even though it was only Day 5 when I busted the Main Event, I felt quite tired, and this time it was a weird experience for me. My only other deep run in the Main came in 2012 when I finished in 358th place. I made a big mistake to exit, and I had quite a lot of regret about that. Most poker hands you can move on from pretty quickly, but at the time I thought that could have been my shot to win it.

“This time around I didn’t have any regrets. However, there was one key hand that was a turning point for me. I had a ten high flush against another U.K. professional, and I raised the river against his overbet and folded to his jam on a paired board.

“The way I played the hand, and I could never have a full house, so he could exploit me by bluffing, but I didn’t think he would do it in the Main Event. Only afterward, I found out he held a nine high flush, so it didn’t affect me, but it was a tilting moment. Looking back it was one of those maybe it was meant to be moments.”

Despite a new breed of players dominating and dedicating all of their time to online poker, rather than traveling on the live tour, it could be some time before there is a challenger knocking at the door for Moorman’s earnings record. Online grinder Sebastian ‘p0cket00‘ Sikorski is his current nearest rival with $11,671,941 in recorded online cashes.

Moorman admitted he has a better life balance now, which includes a reduced online schedule. It serves him to better enjoy his time playing online rather than be controlled by the frustrations it can bring, while also traveling on the live tour.

“I can only be in America for six months of the year, and of course the WSOP takes up two months of that. As for the rest of 2018, I’m going back to England for two weeks and then Barcelona, before spending my time in Mexico to play online before again heading back to Europe, it is here there and everywhere for me.”

Moorman will once again be present at his home country event in November as 888poker LIVE bring their tour to London’s Aspers Casino.