Chris Wallace Releases No Limits: The Fundamentals of No Limit Hold’em


Chris Wallace, known as Foxon, has teamed up with Adam Stemple to release “No Limits: The Fundamentals of No Limit Hold’em.” Instead of introducing a system for readers to follow, “No Limits” emphasizes the concepts behind the game, which in turn can be utilized in several different areas of poker. The book runs $34.95 and you can use PayPal or a major credit card to purchase it. This week, Wallace breaks down the background behind writing the book on the Poker Podcast.

Wallace (pictured) geared the publication towards $1/$2 No Limit players and, as such, the concepts within it are easy for readers to understand. The PokerXFactor instructor told the Podcast, “My focus in the book was to teach people how it worked instead of trying to give people a system or talk about a specific hand. It’s such a fluid game that every situation is different and you’ll never run into the same thing twice.”

Wallace also emphasizes independent thinking in the book, which includes chapters on pre-flop play, bet sizing, position, hand reading, bankroll management, tilt, and common mistakes, just to name a few. “Being able to think clearly about situations really is the entirety of the game,” Wallace remarked. “Being willing to look foolish if you make the right play, even though it looks wrong at the time, and being willing to be at the table to make money and not care about anything else… are really important.”

Wallace has had a wealth of opportunities to perfect his game given his involvement with PokerXFactor. He relayed a story about an opponent at a live game who was listening to a class by Wallace on his iPod and then explained, “Most of the time, [teaching poker is] satisfying and I like to see my students do well, but some of the time, it certainly makes the game tougher for myself. Teaching has made me a much stronger player too. When someone is watching you, you can’t make mistakes and you have to justify everything you do. When you do something, you have to have a reason for it.”

Among those who have commented on “No Limits: The Fundamentals of No Limit Hold’em” are Lou Krieger and Alan Schoonmaker, two highly accomplished poker authors. “I was really honored to get great responses from Lou and Al and some of the other authors I’ve sent it to,” Wallace boasted. “The number of people who have bought the book has been really surprising. We sold a bunch during pre-order and might end up doing a second printing because the sales are significantly better than expected.” There is no electronic version of “No Limits” available. Instead, the print copy runs 250 pages.

In 2005, when was in its very first year, Wallace published an article on the site called “Basic Bankroll Management.” The article has the most views of any front page piece we’ve ever published and garnered nearly a dozen comments from readers. On whether the advice contained within it still holds water five years later, Fox commented, “I tell a lot more people now that if they’re not playing for a living, then keep 10 buy-ins around. If you’re playing for a living, then that all changes… It is still very important to follow some of those numbers.”

Finally, we asked the noted poker author and instructor what his goals are for the coming calendar year, which is just 10 weeks away: “I’d like to find a way to play a bunch more live tournaments. I really like them and I’ve been trying to do more of them. I have so many other projects that it’s tough to keep them all going. I really like what I’m doing with PokerXFactor. I run two seminars per week for them for members to show up and ask questions, so that will stick around.” Wallace revealed that he wants to play at least 50 live events next year and dive headlong into the World Poker Tour.

Learn more at NoLimitsBook.comand by checking out this week’s Podcast.


  1. Really this is great for poker. Fox always articulates difficult concepts in a manner that is easy to understand for players of all skill levels, and that’s what makes him a good coach, and an author that I’m looking forward to reading.