Christian Lusardi Arrested for Introducing Counterfeit Borgata Chips


In breaking news, poker player Christian Lusardi (pictured) was arrested for introducing counterfeit chips into the kickoff event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open, a deed that ultimately forced the cancellation of the tournamentand froze the bulk of the prize pool. According to the Press of Atlantic City, 2.7 million in counterfeit Borgata chips were found in a sewer pipe at Harrah’s Atlantic City.

“An investigation revealed that Christian Lusardi, 42, of Fayetteville, N.C., was staying in the room in Harrah’s where the pipes were clogged,” the Press of Atlantic City article noted. “He was playing in the Winter Poker Open at Borgata. Police said Lusardi introduced the counterfeit chips into the tournament on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, he won $6,814 during the tournament… A warrant was issued and he was charged with rigging a publicly exhibited contest, criminal attempt, and theft by deception.” He was taken to jail on $300,000 bail.

Meanwhile, the future of the tournament’s prize pool, which was frozen when 27 players remained, is still unclear. Borgata Senior Vice President Joe Lupo told the Associated Press, “While this is a very positive development, the investigation by the [Division of Gaming Enforcement]and the state police is ongoing.” Read more.

The Associated Press reported that authorities unearthed “160 of the 5,000-denomination counterfeit poker chips, totaling $800,000, among the genuine casino chips.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, Lusardi was atop the chip counts in the first event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open entering Day 2 out of nearly 5,000 entrants. First place was scheduled to make $372,000.

In 2008, Lusardi had another run-in with the law, this time for illegal gamblingin North Carolina. Guns and drugs were found during the raid, with WRAL saying at the time, “The owner of the house, Christian Patrick Lusardi, 36, was charged with gambling and illegal alcohol sales. His mother, Diana Lusardi, was charged with illegal gambling.”

We’ll have more for you on this story as it develops.

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    • “According to the Press of Atlantic City, 2.7 million in counterfeit Borgata chips were found in a sewer pipe at Harrah’s Atlantic City.”Sounds like there was some serious chip dumping going on….(crickets chirping)

    • Men the master is happy anyway. Sucks for the 27 remaining tho, curious to see how this how this plays out

    • What a scumbag now instead of possibly winning 300k he gets to pay the government 300k to get out of jail. Nice job.

    • wonder who else was involved? no way this guy tried it alone imo. wonder how he expected to get away with it? I also wonder how no1 realised the difference in color the 1st time the chip hit the center of the pot, they look nothing alike. I wonder what borgata will do to the other 27 players.

    • Most likely a chip equity chop for remaining 27 IMO…. Could they possibly take all the counterfeit chips out of all the stacks they have reached and then calculate each player’s equity or do they leave extra $800,000 of chips in ???? FUBAR

    • Bangs are pretty solid…but that mustache is redic!!

      I didn’t look til’ I read this ^ LoL f’n ridiculous

    • Surprised no one noticed this a lot sooner. If the chips in the picture are the ones they look very much different in color. Who finally made the discovery? During a chip count when they got to 27 or someone spot the chip?

    • quotes from Lusardi: “I flushed the rest down the toilet. Why the toilet? I don’t know. If Harrah’s had better plumbing I may not be posting this right now.”

    • Are you claiming that was actually Lusardi posting on 2+2? That is far from proven and I believe it’s very unlikely it was him.

    • dude scared himself into a stupid move omg omg what do i doill flush these mthrfkrs fk yah hahaha b1tches u will never catch mebetter chances ordering some pies slices of cake and just burying chips into the mushy food maybe even shit in the bag too cuz nobody will check that . than put it in the garbage with more gross food on it than wait for the maid service at another room stick it in the garbageits a wrapthan deny any seen on camera charges nope dumbass gnna dumbass puts evidence in drain fingerprints im sure

    • I like how Lusardi has decided to grow out his bangs in the center


      Why did he dispose of the chips by flushing them down the toilet? They don’t dissolve, obviously the pipes will clog. Is it safe to say that if he would have put them in his suit case and thrown them in a dumpster that he would not have been caught? Surely this guy will be on Americas Dumbest Criminals.