Christopher Puetz Wins World Poker Tour Germany Stop

Christopher Puetz won his first WPT title Sunday at King's Casino in Rozvadov. (WPT photo)

When Christopher Puetz made his way back to King’s Casino in Rozvadov on Sunday for the final day of play in the World Poker Tour Germany stop, he was in the middle of the pack with nine players left including two reigning World Champions.

Eight hours later he was a WPT champ.

Puetz topped the 510-player field to win his first major title and €270,000 including entry to the WPT Tournament of Champions in June in Las Vegas.

Rifat Gegic and Renato Nowak were eliminated in ninth and eighth place respectively before reigning World Series of Poker Main Event champ was eliminated by Puetz in Hossein Ensan in seventh place to send the final six players to the official WPT final table.

It took 24 hands before the first elimination. Farukh Tach moved all in from UTG for 1,200,000 with JcTs before Laszlo Papai moved all-in over the top for 4,000,000 with AhKc. The Qc9h3c gave Tach an open-ended straight draw but neither the 6h turn or 4h river were able to improve Tach’s hand and he was eliminated in sixth.

Gianluca Speranza, the reigning PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event champion, was the next to go. From the cutoff, Speranza moved all in for 1,900,000 with 5c5s before Laszlo Papai called from the small blind with 7c7s. The 8s7h5h flop gave both players a set but Speranza was eliminated after the Kc turn and Ks river completed the board.

Just 19 hands later, Josef Gulas raised to 325,000 with Ah7c, Papai called with Ad6h before Joep van den Bijgaart moved all in for 5,600,000 with 9c9d. Gulas called all in before Papai folded. The board ran out Jh6c2sTcQh to eliminate Gulas in fourth place.

Three-handed play lasted 39 hands before van den Bijgaart saw his tournament run cut short. From the button, Papai raised to 400,000 with AsQc before van den Bijgaart moved all in for 3,200,000 from the small blind with 6c6d. Papai called and then moved ahead on the Ac8c5d flop and then stayed there through the Kd turn and 4s river to eliminate Bijgaart and head to heads-up play with a slight lead over Puetz.

It took just seven hands for Puetz to turn things around and eliminate Papai. The penultimate hand was saw Papai lose a significant amount of chips after going to battle with AdTd against Papai’s AsJc. Even though Papai was left with less than one big blind, the final hand still had plenty of drama.

Papai was all in with 4d4h and Puetz called with Qd9c. The Qs9h4c flop gave Papai bottom set while Puetz had top two pair. The turn was Qh to give Puetz the nut full house and the 7h was no saving grace for Papai to eliminate him in second place and give Puetz his first major title.

The €3,300 buy-in event drew 510 players to create a €1,530,000 prize pool, just surpassing the €1,500,000 guarantee.

WPT Germany Final Table Payouts

  1. Christopher Puetz – €270,000
  2. Laszlo Papai – €174,500
  3. Joep van den Bijgaart – €125,000
  4. Josef Gulas – €91,000
  5. Gianluca Speranza – €68,000
  6. Farukh Tach – €52,000