‘Conngong12’ Tops WSOP PA Bracelet Event #6 for $22K

'Conngong12' took down Event #6 of the 2021 WSOP Online events in Pennsylvania on Friday night.

Another day in Pennsylvania meant another online grinder was earning a World Series of Poker Online bracelet. This time it was ‘Conngong12‘ topping a 319-entry field in event #6 ($400 NLHE PKO) to win WSOP gold and more than $22,000.

The first elimination of the night came after ‘SimSolvers‘ opened to 32,000 from late position holding Ac9c. ‘DAG_CLG‘ moved all in from the small blind for 298,476 with Ad4s and ‘SimSolvers’ called. The flop came KcQd7d leaving ‘DAG_CLG’ some backdoor hope. The 9s turn however sealed things for ‘SimSolvers’ and as the 5h river completed the board, ‘DAG_CLG’ was eliminated in ninth place.

Ten minutes later, ‘CampPinebox‘ shoved from UTG for 234,909 with KcQs and ‘MoXSTeeM‘ moved all in from the cutoff for 640,869 with JcJs and the rest of the table folded. The board ran out 8c6s2hTsTh to eliminated ‘CampPinebox’ in eighth place.

The seven remaining players battled for 15 minutes before sending the next player home without a bracelet. ‘MoXSTeeM’ called the big blind from early position with AhAs. Action folded to ‘mskrrr‘ on the button and they moved all in for 542,184 with Ad8c and ‘MoXSTeeM’ called. The 9d5d2s flop left only runner-runner hope for ‘mskrrr’. The 2h turn was no good and after the Ks river, ‘mskrrr’ was eliminated in seventh.

‘MoXSTeeM’ ended another opponent’s run just over five minutes later. ‘MoXSTeeM’ bet 72,222 from UTG with 8h8s before ‘Jokulhaups‘ moved all in for 610,480 from the hijack holding AsQd. ‘MoXSTeeM’ called. The Qh6c3d flop gave ‘Jokulhaups’ top pair and moved him in front. The Th river changed nothing but the 8d river gave ‘MoXSTeeM’ a set to bust ‘Jokulhaups’ in sixth place.

After picking up three consecutive eliminations, ‘MoXSTeeM’ sat the next one out. ‘SimSolvers’ raised to 56,000 from the button with Ahjc] and Zach Gruneberg pushed his entire 540,057 stack into the middle from the small blind with AdTd. ‘SimSolvers’ called and then watched as the 9h5s3d8hQc runout missed both players to send the pot to ‘SimSolvers’ thanks to his jack kicker and Gruneberg was out in fifth.

With four players remaining, ‘Conngong12’ turned things into overdrive. Drew Gonzalez shoved for 372,705 from the button with Ad8h only to have ‘Conngong12’ move all in for 946,342 from the small blind with AsTd forcing ‘SimSolvers’ to fold his big blind. The board ran out 7c4c3s4d6c to leave Gonzalez wanting and eliminated him in fourth place.

Just six minutes later, ‘Conngong12’ sent the tournament to heads up. ‘Conngong12’ opened with a min-raise to 120,000 on the button with AcJc. ‘SimSolvers’ moved all in for 1,420,716 from the small blind with 5d5s. ‘MoXSTeeM’ folded the big blind before ‘Conngong12’ called. The AhTc3h flop put ‘Conngong12’ in the driver’s seat heading to the turn. The 3d turn changed nothing and neither did the 6s river and ‘SimSolvers’ was out in third.

‘Conngong12’ started heads up play holding 66% of the chips in play. It took them just seven minutes to turn that number up to 100%. ‘MoXSTeeM’ opened to 95,555 on the button with 7h7s before ‘Conngong12’ shoved for 4,443,201 with AcTs. ‘MoXSTeeM’ called off their last 1,831,234. The 8d3d2c flop was a safe one for ‘MoXSTeeM’ but the Ad was disastrous. Down to just two outs, ‘MoXSTeeM’ found no safety net on the Jc river and was eliminated in second place, leaving ‘Conngong12’ to collect the chips and the WSOP bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

  1. ‘Conngong12’ – $22,214
  2. ‘MoXSTeeM’ – $13,747
  3. ‘SimSolvers’ – $9,593
  4. Drew ‘MoveBlanket’ Gonzalez – $6,626
  5. Zach ‘CaptainLevi’ Gruneberg = $3,953
  6. ‘Jokulhaups’ – $3,488
  7. ‘mskrrr’ – $3,227
  8. ‘CampPinebox’ – $2,540
  9. ‘DAG_CLG’ – $2,333