Constant Bankroll Building

Published on Dec 18th, 2007

This week's Podcast features interviews with Joe "Dyzalot" Morneau and Brian "Sn8wman" Hawkins.

Joe Morneau was first introduced to the game of poker while playing in bar tournaments in the Kansas City area, where first place would amount to a few extra mugs of beer. "Dyzalot" attributes his tournament success to his love for mathematics, which he feels is an important concept in today's game. A Triple Crown winner, Joe looks forward to trying his luck on the live tournament circuit, but would first like to build his total poker bankroll to at least $1 million.

This week's second guest is the only ranked player (that we're aware of) who got his start in real money games as a beggar on FullTiltPoker. Willing to cheer on whoever promised a small transfer amount, Brian "Sn8wman" Hawkins received two $10 transfers that he immediately lost. The third transfer turned out to be a charm, as he built $5 into a six-digit bankroll in less than a year.

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