Country Poker Rankings: Overall vs Total PLB vs Average PLB


If you haven’t already noticed, we have a pretty extensive Country Poker Rankings page here on PocketFives. It lists just about every country in the world in order by the combined cumulative PLB score of its top 20 players. Sweden and Canada have predominantly paced the leaderboard over the years, with the former currently leading with 104,727 points.

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To get started, let’s look at the top 10 countries in the world ordered by the combined PLB score of their top 20 players:

1. Sweden – 104,727 points
2. Canada – 97,757 points
3. Brazil – 96,445 points
4. United Kingdom – 96,221 points
5. Denmark – 91,903 points
6. Russian Federation – 91,774 points
7. Mexico – 87,904 points
8. Romania – 77,125 points
9. Australia – 76,744 points
10. Germany – 76,028 points

There is a 28,000-point gap separating first and tenth, although just 6,000 points separate second and sixth. About half of the top ten countries are located in Europe.

Now, instead of looking at just the top 20 members in each country, let’s look at every single registered PocketFiver in a particular nation. The gaps separating some of the countries on this list are pretty dramatic:

1. Brazil – 1,397,494 points
2. United Kingdom – 1,333,617 points
3. Canada – 1,266,281 points
4. United States – 1,106,848 points
5. Russian Federation – 788,011 points
6. Portugal – 460,986 points
7. Romania – 459,862 points
8. Germany – 456,893 points
9. Australia – 429,643 points
10. Poland – 371,829 points

This is the only list we’ll look at that includes the US, which was largely cut off from the world’s online poker pool on Black Friday. Before April 2011, the US was an online poker powerhouse and home to many of the online game’s top minds. The US has almost 50,000 registered members on PocketFives.

Seven of the top ten countries ordered by total PLB also appear in the top ten worldwide when you add the PLB score of just the top 20 players.

Finally, for a wacky sort of list, we’ll look at the countries of the world ordered by average PLB regardless of the number of players. Zimbabwe, which has 34 registered members, leads the way:

1. Zimbabwe (34 registered members) – 1,942 points
2. Malta (174 registered members) – 1,306 points
3. Mexico (628 registered members) – 899 points
4. Lebanon (178 registered members) – 814 points
5. Uruguay (106 registered members) – 813 points
6. Czech Republic (509 registered members) – 740 points
7. Costa Rica (381 registered members) – 721 points
8. Turkmenistan (16 registered members) – 717 points
9. Bahamas (25 registered members) – 697 points
10. Brazil (3,261 registered members) – 676 points

Our average PLB list’s top ten has three countries with fewer than 50 registered PocketFivers and nine that have fewer than 1,000. Brazil is the only nation to appear in the top ten on all three lists.

There are 155 countries with players who have PLB scores, with Sri Lankaand Togo being #154 and #155, respectively. Seventy-four countries have a combined PLB score of their top 20 players that passes 10,000. Only one country – Brazil – has a total PLB score of its top 20 players that passes one million.

Check out our Country Poker Rankings landing page for more details.

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