Dan Bilzerian Says He Won $50 Million Playing Poker in the Last 12 Months


In May, poker playboy Dan Bilzerian (pictured) made headlines for throwing a naked porn star off a roofinto a pool, only to have said porn star clip her foot and injure it, resulting in legal action. Now, Bilzerian is back in the news, this time after appearing on the “Howard Stern Show.” Never a dull moment.

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Bilzerian told Stern that he won $50 million playing poker in the last 12 months “and that the largest amount he has lost in a game was $3.6 million,” according to HollywoodLife. The site added, “Additionally, Dan said that gambling was the only thing that gave him a ‘rush’ after he left the military.” You can listen to his entire one-hour interview with Stern by clicking here.

Bilzerian explained to Stern, “I started at a time when people were just getting into poker and nobody knew how to play and the stakes weren’t super high. I was able to play at the highest level the whole time and when you play the biggest games, you’re playing with the rich guys and the really good poker players… I was lucky to play in good games and the learning curve wasn’t too steep.”

He had a 94 out of 99 on his military intelligence test and guessed that his net worth is somewhere around $100 million. He added that he owns a used G4 jet and overhauled the interior, although the plane is still a month away from being completed, so he is chartering in the meantime. We hate when that happens.

Bilzerian told Stern that he has 20 people working for him, including three assistants and three chefs. “I have them work 12-hour days and I have a house in LA and a house in Vegas, so I have to have one [chef] in Vegas and one in LA and one who covers,” Bilzerian said of his need for three cooks. “I eat a lot,” he commented, and added that he also parties a lot.

Last December, Bilzerian claimed that he won $10.8 million in one session of poker. He posted on Twitter at the time, “I played poker tonight with 13 million in front of me, heads up 5K/10K, damn what a rush.” Twelve hours following that post, Bilzerian Tweeted, “Won 10.8 million last night playing poker, headed to Puerto Vallarta to relax.”

In a thread on PocketFives, players reacted to Bilzerian’s nationally aired interview with the shock jock, with one PocketFiver saying, “He plays in games with rich businessmen and celebrities, right? I’m sure some of Macau guys have won similar amounts considering they are playing for multi-million dollar pots pretty frequently.”

One poster from the UK who listened to Stern’s interview weighed in, “I listened to the Howard Stern interview he did and he sounded pretty legit. I was quite shocked at how much I liked it. To be honest, he sounds like quite a clever dude.”

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    • who gives a sweet flying fuck about this goof?

      Howard Stern, Pocket 5’s, and his 3.5m Instagram followers?

    • 50 milly wow, not too hard playing 1mill / 2mill #DontBelieveTheHype ;). In all seriousness i dont mind him even give him a follow here and there but cant help but see the similarities between him a Kim Kardashian look how much shes worth and no 1 knows where either of them came from. Like most i cant really judge him on his poker but who cares.

    • dan. pm me if u want a partner that can drink u under the table and I love ho’s too. #nodrugsofflimit

    • being entertained and not immediately hating him isn’t an endorsement of his character, values, or lifestyle. it’s tolerance. this guy is intriguing because he seems fun and harmless for the most part, but i’m there are plenty of people who play it close to center who think everybody should be like them, so they immediately hate on this guy…. Live and let live… i don’t know anything about this guy’s character. i’m guessing he’s a bit vain and self indulged, but i think i’ve read in other threads (and maybe covered in stern interview?) the he’s done some charitable things with some of his money.. so haters gonna hate but to tolerate does’t mean you gonna emulate…

    • Don’t really care where he got it or if he’s full of shit – the guy is a friggin joker!! Living a hilarious lifestyle that makes great entertainment for just about 90% of males all of the world! GL to him!

    • i don’t know anything about this guy but have to say i find him interesting, whether he playing with his family money or not i don’t think thats an endless pitt of money so he must be earning a good bit from poker. Plus the upside is, the more popular this guy gets, the more your average joe will think i want to be like him and hip hip hooray more fish to play.

    • Dudes a hero and if you deny it you have zero self awareness.” What are you one of those girls or something?”

    • Guy is a total nut. Admittedly has taken steroids, already had like 3 minor heart attacks, bangs porn stars, etc.Supposedly he was about to graduate as a Navy Seal but mouthed off to the commanding officer.All I can say is the guy goes hard he apparently thinks he’s invincible.

    • Can anyone say where or when this happened for example so we know it’s legit or does a casino have the right to be confidential when it comes to gambling.. :confused:

    • Obviously he didn’t make his money from poker but i don’t mind the general public thinking that. It’s probably good for the game and will get a bunch of people who want to live his lifestyle to start playing.

    • It’s usually a good rule of thumb I learned back in college…. The frat boy who spoke the most about how much ass he got and many girls he banged … almost always was the one getting no as at all.

    • Can anyone say where or when this happened for example so we know it’s legit or does a casino have the right to be confidential when it comes to gambling.. :confused:

      Private home games with rich hollywood fish etcc….

    • Dan Bilzerian is a stud and a good poker player. I think the guy is very intelligent and damn knows what hes doing. Don’t listen to the haters Dan LOL

    • Dan Bilzerian is a stud and a good poker player. I think the guy is very intelligent and damn knows what hes doing. Don’t listen to the haters Dan LOL

      you little faggot! Get off of his nutsack…lol

    • Fuck him lets hear more about those girls

      Paid skanks.. The “showstopper” guy,(next Hugh Heffner) from a particularly cringe worthy VICE documentary,has more cred with the ladies!

    • The guy shames 99% of the poker community. Yeah its great hes doing well (according to himself) and becoming a legend and getting poker to the wider audience which we cannot complain about. But is this the image we want to portray to the wider spectrum in the long run? I don’t think so, the majority of poker players are losers, people flocking to the game because they idolise people like Dan are in for a nasty surprise.

    • he says she says….blah blah blah….he claims all fuckin hearsay… I want video proof. This is such a crock of shit, and I call major bullshit on this one. If I won 50 mil, I’d shut the fuck up about it and let nobody know. From what I’ve seen in the poker world, the good players who do actually make insane money rarely talk about how much they are making. This ass clown is all smoke and mirrors, and would be nothing without his daddy’s money. Human garbage!

      If I say wow, ‘I just won a million dollar pot on a complete bluff’ would be about as true as the bogus claims of 50 million dollar wins and 10mil+ in one session, that this ass.donkey is making. It is just pretty sad and pitiful to see… oh yeah one more thing….he is a complete tool…

    • who gives a sweet flying fuck about this goof?

      uh i think we all should, hes pretty amazing for the poker landscape.