Dan Cates on Tom Dwan: “He Failed to Uphold Any Promises He Made”


Let the drama and personal insults continue to fly! This week, PokerListingssat down with Dan Cates (pictured), who was formerly in the midst of the Durrrr Challenge with Tom Dwan. The challenge, which was set to last 50,000 hands, is only about 40% completed and, according to PokerListings and other sites, Cates is up $1.25 million thus far. If Cates is up after 50,000 hands, Dwan owes him $1.5 million; otherwise, Cates owes Dwan $500,000.

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Penalties for Dwan and Cates not playingDurrrr Challenge hands were introduced in an effort to speed along the four-year-old battle. But, according to PokerListings, Cates is growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of action, saying, “[Dwan] failed to uphold any promises he made to me. He’s extremely frustrating. It’s outrageous. I feel like he won’t complete it, for a few reasons, but for now I won’t divulge his personal situation. But I’m not thrilled with anything I hear about him.”

Notice that Cates said he wouldn’t divulge Dwan’s personal situation “for now.” According to PokerListings, “Cates went on to say that if things don’t change he will be forced to say more about why Dwan isn’t playing, but that he hopes things can be worked out privately.”

PokerListings added that the incentives inserted into the Durrrr Challenge have resulted in Dwan building a debt of $300,000. Dwan (pictured) has reportedly not paid any of that total.

One of the most recent Durrrr Challenge sessions between Cates and Dwan occurred last October, when Cates padded his lead by $200,000 over 1,500 hands. $200/$400 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em tables on Full Tilt played host to the competition, which has garnered a considerable amount of attention from the poker community when it has taken place.

The original Durrrr Challenge started in 2009 and pitted Dwan against Patrik Antonius. The latter shredded Dwan, winning over $2 million in about 40,000 hands. Then, a buyout allegedly occurred that ended the challenge.

In May, Cates and Dwan sparred over the unfinished Durrrr Challenge, with Cates Tweeting at one point, “@TomDwan, would you like to continue our challenge instead of playing everybody else at every game on @FullTiltPoker?” There were also threats to air “our business” via Twitter.

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    • Could there be a bigger Bitch in Poker than DAnny Boy. Hes gonna get bitched slapped one day for talking out like he does

      he is a bitch.

    • Could there be a bigger Bitch in Poker than DAnny Boy. Hes gonna get bitched slapped one day for talking out like he does

      He maybe a bitch, which I kind of agree with and needs a slap lol, however, he is correct in this situation. Everyone rides Dwan because of his action. Unfortunately he is only a breakeven to loser online cash game player. (check the stats). He must be a losing live player as well considering what jungle is subliminally saying. He has dodged this bet and many other promises were dodged, including paying full tilt players back with his own personal money (his own words).

      Just because someone is playing in Macau doesn’t mean they are crushing, which is what a lot of people on this site believe he is doing. Please everyone research and stop believing in the name or hype.

    • I’m not saying Dwan is some poker God. I’m saying when someone like Cates who lost his credibility because of his antics all over the poker community. Airing out this just shows you what a pussy he is. He does this time and time and time again.