Dan Cates Throws Chips “Like a Baseball Player” at an Opponent


Sunday was a bad day to be Dan Cates (pictured), as running kings into aces multiple times at the Aussie Millions proved too much for the high-stakes poker pro to stomach. During the series’ $100,000 Challenge, Cates ran kings into aces twice, but couldn’t control his emotions the second time around and snapped.

Jeff Rossiter took the brunt of Cates’ rage, as after the money went in, according to PokerNews, “Cates yelled out, ‘Are you f***ing kidding me?!?!’ before throwing his cards across the table in the direction of Rossiter.”

The board ultimately proved no help to Cates, who then elevated his aggression. The same coverage relayed, “Cates exploded by grabbing a handful of chips and throwing them like a baseball player across the table at Rossiter. Some of the chips bounced on the table in front of Rossiter, one or two hit him in the chest, and a couple more stumbled onto the floor. After doing so, Cates just sat there, visibly steamed with what had occurred. Rossiter took it quite well, whereas many people might’ve freaked out in their own right after having chips hurled at them.”

It was unclear whether Rossiter had Cates covered, and with Cates’ juvenile actions, figuring it out was no easy task. Eventually, tournament officials concluded that Cates was eliminated.

Earlier in the re-entry event, Cates busted with kings to Steve MrTimCaum O’Dwyer’s flopped quad aces. Cates posted on Twitter shortly after the second bust-out:

Over on Two Plus Two, there was plenty of reaction to the incident, with one poster saying, “Refreshing to see some personality in poker even if it is a ****ty one.” Another recalled, “This reminds me of when he purposely broke a bottle on the floor of Bobby’s Room. How does this guy have the emotional control to be a successful poker player?”

There has been no word about any punishment handed down.

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