Dan Sindelar Takes Down WSOP Online Grand Finale for $159K

Dan Sindelar defeated Stanley Lee heads up to win his first WSOP bracelet on Sunday. (WPT photo)

A little less than three weeks ago, former World Series of Poker Main Event final tablist Dan Sindelar got as close to grabbing a WSOP bracelet as you can get without actually winning it. Sindelar finished runner-up to Bryan Piccioli in Event #12 and had to settle for runner-up status. On Sunday, as the 2021 WSOP Online events on WSOP.com drew to a close, Sindelar redeemed himself by overcoming the steamroller that was Stanley Lee to win his first career bracelet and $159,000 in Event #33 ($500 Grand Finale).

The event drew d 1,355 unique entries who fired off 669 rebuys to fall $89,200 short of the $1,000,000 guarantee.

It didn’t take long for the action to heat up at the final table. On the very first hand, Dan Gallegos raised to 200,000 from middle position, ‘chuckybrown9’ called on the button and Stan Lee defended from the big blind. The flop came 6s5h3d and both Lee and Gallegos checked before ‘chuckybrown9’ bet 381,250. Lee folded but Gallegos moved all in for 1,549,508. ‘chuckybrown9’ called and turned over Js7s while Gallegos was well in front with QhQs. The 8h turn opened up some possibilities for ‘chuckybrown9’ and 9d river filled his gutshot straight draw to eliminate Gallegos in ninth.

The remaining eight players traded chips back and forth for 20 minutes until the next bustout. Anna Antimony open-jammed from UTG for her last 1,183,347 with KsQs before Guy Dunlap re-jammed for 2,725,497 from her direct left with AcKc. The board ran out 7d3d3h9h8h to keep Dunlap in front and eliminate Antimony in eighth place.

A battle between the blinds six minutes later produced a bad beat to end another player’s run. Lee raised to 240,000 on the button and Guy Dunlap called the additional 150,000 from the small blind. Conrad Simpson moved all in for 1,763,830 from the big blind forcing Lee to fold. Dunlap called and turned over 2d2h while Simpson showed 6d6s. The Ah8c7h flop kept Simpson in front as did the Ad turn. The river was the 2c to give Dunlap a rivered full house and eliminated Simpson in seventh.

The only unknown player at the final table, ‘chuckybrown9’ was the next player shown the exit. Down to just 11 big blinds, ‘chuckybrown9’ moved all in for 2,206,488 with As5s and Lee looked down at JdJh and moved all in over the top for 3,365,770 forcing the rest of the table to fold. The board ran out 9d9h2s7d3d to bring the tournament to a close for ‘chuckybrown9’ with a sixth place result.

Lee, who started the final table with the second shortest stack, found his next victim 16 minutes later. Lee opened from early position to 4,800,000 with 8d8s before Drew Gonzalez moved all in from the big blind for 3,403,020 with Ad4d. Lee called and then watched the 9d7h6h flop, 6h turn, and 7c river fail to connect with Gonzalez’s holdings. Gonzalez was eliminated in fifth place and Lee moved into the chip lead.

Over the next 45 minutes, Lee continued to add to his lead before finding an opportunity to bust another player. Action folded to Lee in the small blind and he moved all in for15,994,936 with Ah4h and Dunlap called all in for 2,829,348 with AdQc. The Kh7h2d flop gave Lee the nut flush draw. The Js turn card was a safe one for Dunlap but the river was the 9h to complete Lee’s flush and eliminate Dunlap in fourth.

Lee continued to apply preflop pressure to both Sindelar and Fred Li over the next few minutes before Li was forced to take a stand. Lee open-shoved to 22,994,284 from the small blind and Li called all in for his last 941,124. Lee showed Jh9s while Li had two live cards with 7c2c. The Qc7h5s flop gave Li hope with a pair of sevens. The 6d turn created some straight outs for Lee and the 8h river filled the straight to eliminate Li in third place.

After racking up four straight eliminations, Lee held 23,835,408 of the 29,660,000 chips in play when the heads up battle with Sindelar began. Sindelar doubled up a minute later with AsKh against Lee’s Ad5d. Lee battled back and held a 6=1 lead at one point before another battle of aces afforded Sindelar a double up. From there, Sindelar battled to nearly even with Lee when a pivotal hand changed the narrative for both players.

Lee min-raised from the small blind to 800,000 with KcQc. Sindelar responded by raising to 2,475,000 with AsJc. Lee moved all in for 16,436,632 and Sindelar called. The Tc6c4s flop gave Lee a flush draw along with his two live cards. The 2d turn changed nothing and when the Th fell on the river, the 27,746,736 chip pot was sent to Sindelar. Five hands later, Lee called off his last 2,563,264 holding Qs2s against Sindelar’s AsKc. Sindelar stayed in front through the Td7s5h9sJd runout to eliminate Lee and capture his first career bracelet.

Event #33 Final Table Payouts

Dan ‘Feeltheflow’ Sindelar – $159,100
Stanley ‘stanman420’ Lee – $98,400
Fred ‘staeks’ Li – $71,500
Guy ‘PhilLaak’ Dunlap – $52,400
Drew ‘casualcarl’ Gonzalez – $38,800
‘chuckybrown9’ – $29,000
Conrad ‘KerriP’ Simpson – $21,900
Anna ‘Dusty4’ Antimony – $16,700
Dan ‘omg_its_dan’ Gallegos – $12,900