Daniel Dvoress Wins First GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title, $394K

Daniel Dvoress took down his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title this week for $394K. (photo: Poker Central)

In his seventh trip to a $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table, Canadian high-stakes tournament crusher Daniel Dvoress ended up on top to capture the $394,852 first-place prize and his first Super MILLION$ title.

For the second week in a row, the regularly scheduled high roller ended registration with an overlay as 191 entries left the prize pool $90,000 short of its $2 million guarantee. However, the field in the 48th running of the Super MILLION$ was packed with star power as per usual. Joining Dvoress in the final nine were Ami Barer and Guillaume Nolet, both of whom were enjoying back-to-back trips to the final table. Additionally, the current #4-ranked online player in the world, Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson also had a seat.

Play heated up after roughly thirty minutes when Ami Barer, who finished in fourth place in last week’s Super MILLION$, raised on the button holding ThTd. Guillaume Nolet, three-bet from the small blind with his AdAc and when the action folded back to Barer he jammed his final 20 big blinds to put himself at risk. Nolet quickly called and the flop came AhKh8d giving Nolet top set. When the turn came the 7d, Barer was drawing dead. The Jd completed the board and Barer ended his back-to-back final table appearance in ninth place for $61,387.

Just before the first break of the day, Nolet put in a raise from middle position with the AsQd. A short-stacked Idris Ambraisse then moved all-in for roughly 13 big blinds holding the KsJh. The rest of the field got out of the way and when the action came back to the chip leading Nolet, he quickly made the call. The flop fell Qs6s5h giving Nolet top pair and leaving Ambraisse looking for help. Some arrived on the Js turn, providing Ambraisse two additional outs. But the 3s river was not one of them. Nolet ended up with the nut flush while Ambraisse finished the tournament in eighth place for $77,468.

With seven left, Dvoress sat second in chips and applied some pressure to the shorter blinds by open-shoving from the button with Jh8h. Mike Watson picked up 7s7c in the small blind and with 16 big blinds behind called all-in. The flop came QdTs8s putting Dvoress ahead with outs for Watson looking slim. The Jd turn eliminated the possibility of a backdoor flush for Watson and he was left looking for one of the final two sevens, or a nine for a chop. But the river was the 5c and the top-ranked pro exited in seventh place for $97,761.

Mere moments into the second hour of play, Fabrice Touil found himself extremely short after a series of rough hands. His bustout came when, with less than a big blind, he was forced to put it all in as the big blind with Qd9c against Nolet who held AcKh. There was little drama as the board ran out 8s6c2c2hTh, shipping the small pot to Nolet. On the bright side for Touil, he started the day as the short stack and laddered up three spots for a $123,370 score.

Shortly after, Dvoress kept up his aggression with a late-position open shove of his big stack with Kd2c. In the small blind, Preben Stoken, playing in his first Super MILLION$ final table, looked to double-up by making the quick call with AcQh. The flop came Jc5h2d, pairing Dvoress’ deuce. The turn was the 4h giving Stoken some additional gutshot wheel outs. The river, however, was the 5c and Dvoress picked up a nice pot which Stokkan picked up a $155,688 payday for fifth place.

At four-handed, Nolet held the chip lead. But over the course of the next 20 minutes, he doubled up ‘McDavid97’ and doubled up ‘DaiMing141319’. His momentum all but slipped away, the same went for his chips. And when ‘DaiMing141319’ shipped all-in, holding JdTd, Nolet made the call for it all with the KdQc hoping not to lose yet another all-in. However, the flop came Ts9d8c putting ‘DaiMing141319’ firmly in control. The turn was the 2c and the river was the 5s ending Nolet’s run in fourth place for $196,472.

Despite making it to three-handed play, it was a bit of an up-and-down day for Canada’s ‘McDavid97’, who started the final table as the chip leader. After losing in a kings versus aces cooler to Nolet early in the day, ‘McDavid97’ found himself short-stacked and hanging around for much of the final table. Finally, once he did manage to collect some chips on a hand with three left, he lost the bulk of them on the very next hand.

Eventually ‘DaiMing141319’ put in a raise with KhTs and ‘McDavid97’ stuck his final five big blinds in with a dominating AcKs. The flop came Qd6h4h and it looked like ‘McDavid97’ was on the verge of a double. But the Tc ripped off on the turn and when then 5d completed the board, ‘McDavid97’, who won his seat into the $10K tournament in a $525 satellite, was out in third place for $247,939.

‘DaiMing141319’ started heads-up play with the chip lead and for the better part of thirty minutes, they held their own against the accomplished Dvoress. But in the biggest pot of the tournament, Dvoress doubled while holding KhQh against ‘DaiMing141319’s Qd9d on a Qc7h7c6d4c board.

Not long thereafter, Dvoress with the chip lead open-shoved the button with As6d and ‘DaiMing141319’ tried for a double of their own with KhJh. The flop came 9c3h3d keeping Dvoress’ ace-high in the lead. The turn was the 7h opening the possibility of a backdoor flush for ‘DaiMing141319’. But the river came the 9s ending satellite winner ‘DaiMing141319’s run in second place for $312,889.

On his tenth Super MILLION$ cash Daniel Dvoress captured his first title and the $394,852 first-place prize, sending his total earnings over $1.36 million.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Payouts (5/11)

  1. Daniel Dvoress – $394,852
  2. DaiMing141319 – $312,889
  3. McDavid97 – $247,939
  4. Guillaume Nolet – $196,472
  5. Preben Stokkan – $155,688
  6. Fabrice Touil – $123,370
  7. Mike Watson – $97,761
  8. Idris Ambraisee – $77,468
  9. Ami Barer – $61,387