Daniel Negreanu Finds Love on Millionaire Matchmaker

Published on Jan 12th, 2013

Several weeks ago, we were subjected to watching poker pro Jennifer Harman gallivant around Las Vegas living it up with the city's richest housewives on TLC's "Sin City Rules." Mercifully, that show has been canceled, but another poker pro pleasantly entertained us by taking the spotlight on television last week. Daniel Negreanu (pictured) looked for love on Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" as one of two eligible bachelors in its Season 6 premiere.

Negreanu was described as a "world poker player champion" and emphasized the importance of finding a girl who would be "open-minded" to "Kid Poker" being a vegan. He came on the show after a girlfriend of four years broke his heart and "got around, if you know what I mean." He explained, "What I'm looking for is a woman who treats me well and doesn't lie to me." Negreanu is originally from Canada and now lives in Las Vegas.

Negreanu met up with "Millionaire Matchmaker" host Patti Stanger at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica and revealed that he had been on a six-month hiatus from dating after his last relationship ended on a sour note. Stanger recruited an astrologer for a reading, with Negreanu reacting, "While the whole astrology thing sounds kooky, I'm more than willing to listen." A previous astrologer apparently told Negreanu that he'd be in love three times, but would end up alone, so you could see why he's not a fan.

The astrologer's words of advice were as follows: "Look for the person who isn't talking to you. Look for the person who isn't coming at you." Negreanu claimed that he wanted a girl with the personality of "Scary Movie" actress Anna Faris.

It was then time for the show's mixer. Negreanu and another eligible bachelor were thrust into a room full of pre-screened women in search of true love. "Kid Poker" told the crowd the story of his mother wanting him to go to school instead of playing poker. Then, Negreanu bought her a house with his poker winnings and she said, "I like poker. Poker is good."

Standing from afar, Stanger observed that Negreanu had one critical flaw: he liked to talk about himself too much. Then, co-host Destin Jude Pfaff intervened and recommended that he ask more questions of his potential dates.

Negreanu was asked to pick two girls for mini-dates and chose Lindsay and Cody. On the former, Negreanu rationalized that she didn't feel the need to be the center of attention, referencing the astrologer, and he ultimately ended up picking her for the show's final date.

Negreanu and Lindsay (pictured) jetted to Las Vegas on a private plane and Negreanu contended that she "really stood out from the crowd." The two headed to the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip and toured the set of the Cirque du Soleil show O. Negreanu told viewers that he was looking forward to seeing Lindsay open up more during their date and the two learned a Russian dance sequence and performed it. Negreanu added, "The more I know Lindsay, the more confident I am I made the right choice."

The couple headed to Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan for dinner for what Negreanu described as a "sick" vegan meal. Then, a hokey game of blackjack led to Negreanu having to visit Lindsay in her hometown of San Diego for a day. A second game of blackjack led to the couple's first kiss. Rigged. What happened after that is anyone's guess.

To close "Millionaire Matchmaker," Negreanu asked Lindsay to be "exclusive" and they sealed their monogamous relationship with yet another saliva swap. According to the series' credits, they are still going strong.

Negreanu Tweeted that the reception to the Season 6 premiere of "Millionaire Matchmaker" was quite strong: "Last night's episode of #matchmaker was the highest rated in the show's history with a 1.4! Thanks to all who watched! I had a blast that day."

You can watch videos and view photos from the episode by visiting Bravo's website. If you missed it, the show re-airs late Saturday night at 1:00am ET.

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  1. I hope D.N. knocked that off 2 times before kicking her out of his room and flying back to his real home

  2. He wants a girl who "doesnt lie to me"???? Is he nuts. He is in a profession where lying is part of the game. And he wants that? Daniel that doesnt exist. Women and Men lie to each other. Its all in the game. Are you man enough to take it?

    Guys who want women and children" never to lie to me" are doomed.

  3. Just beacuse it doesn't exist doesn't mean he can't want it.

  4. they had a "sick" vegan meal haha great use of ur vocab

  5. Like Alans gonna let this sht fly...lol

  6. the more discerning of live tell masters would have noticed lindsay's reluctance to to kiss him twice and danny boys eagerness, setting the line at 9-11 months

  7. "....our next bachelor is Daniel Negreanu...who used to be good at poker, but is most recently famous for calling Annie Duke a cunt...." negreanu seems as good at "staying famous" as he was at poker. well played...

  8. He's a weird dude

  9. Lindsay huh, but what's her brother's name?

  10. I really enjoyed this show. I hope everything ends up working out for D.N. He is a class act and all around good guy.. gl Daniel

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