Daniel Negreanu: TwoPlusTwo Has Taken a North Korean-Like Approach


Three days ago, poker pro Daniel Negreanu (pictured) posted a link to his “Weekly Rant” on TwoPlusTwo and, in the culmination of a series of events, was temporarily banned. Since then, he has been quite vocal on Twitter about his expulsion, commenting at one point, “Their banning process is arbitrary and I was clearly treated differently because I am a higher profile poster who they assume has financial interest in iSeriesLive, but do they have any facts to show that?”

Negreanu posed a hypothetical on Twitter: “If random [poster] starts thread ‘Why Macs are better than PCs,’ is there an investigation to find out if poster has financial ties to Mac?” Negreanu joined TwoPlusTwo nine years ago and has contributed 659 posts to that community.

Negreanu rehashed on Full Contact Poker how he received a ban. The PokerStars pro posted a thread about iSeriesLive, which he’s participating in, because “I assumed, as normal, people would want to discuss the series as they have with any other league, tournament, or tour.” However, TwoPlusTwo officials removed the thread.

“Then, someone else, no idea who, started a thread called ‘Live Betting on Poker’ and was discussing iSeries,” Negreanu continued. “Since I know a lot about it, I assumed they’d want knowledgeable people posting in the thread, so I added some comments and addressed some concerns voiced by a few posters. They took the thread down.”

Negreanu then posted a link to his Weekly Rant, which began with a 30-second ad for iSeriesLive, an event in which players like Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Maria Ho, and Carlos Mortensen will compete in with hole cards shown. The kickoff event is next month in Dublin, and Paddy Power is facilitating betting on the event. The video blog was the final straw for TwoPlusTwo, which banned him for an undetermined length of time.

TwoPlusTwo officials called Negreanu a “profiteer” promoting iSeries and Tweeted, “Starts spam thread, deleted, and warned. Makes promotional posts in 2nd thread. Deleted. Spams vblog in 2 threads = Tempbanned.” TwoPlusTwo’s Mason Malmuth noted that he received a call at 2:00am on Wednesday morning to approve the ban.

Negreanu Tweeted, “All they had to do was PM me that I can’t post my vlog. I’m not a child and the ‘timeout’ wasn’t necessary at all.”

Negreanu said in his Full Contact Poker statement that he has discussed plenty of league events in the past, from the Epic Poker League to the World Poker Tour, “none of which, from what I know, spend money advertising with TwoPlusTwo.” He also pointed out that threads have popped up about the Premier League and shows like “High Stakes Poker” without incident.

“Kid Poker” decreed, “TwoPlusTwo has taken a North Korean-like approach to it by censoring what posters are allowed to discuss on the forum… Their decision to ban me and pull the threads is simply a shakedown. They are hoping that they can squeeze a few bucks out of the iSeries to put up banners, and completely overestimating their importance in the poker world, which isn’t new for them.”

On TwoPlusTwo, posters erupted over the high profile banning, with members coming out for and against “Kid Poker.” One poster observed that Negreanu might not return to TwoPlusTwo after his ban is lifted: “I came away from [Negreanu’s interview with QuadJacks] thinking Daniel won’t be back. Just the fact that he Tweeted earlier today that he was welcoming all questions on his FCP forum to jump-start it leads me to believe he is on a mission to take away traffic from this site.”

The TwoPlusTwo user “Pokeraddict” gave his take on the situation: “It is possible this could have been handled better, but this is far from the end of the world. Life goes on. As for Mods, this place will never be perfect. There must be over 100 people that help keep the forum clean. Each has his own opinion and interpretation.”

TwoPlusTwo’s Terms and Conditions address spamming, decreeing that users are unable to “upload, post, e-mail, transmit, or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that are designated for such purpose.”

Negreanu has caused quite a stir all-around in the last month, as he claimed in a February video blog that Full Tilt Poker’s Ray Bitar, Howard Lederer, and Chris Ferguson “belong in prison.” The same video blog also dropped adjectives like “shameful little weasel;” “absolute, flat out scumbags;” and “condescending, arrogant, incompetent morons” to describe the trio.


    • daniel is his own corporation,mbn and good for him

      when u get to a point of facial recognition in poker ,from strangers off the street ,you can set your own agenda

    • I think it was handled badly, im in agreement with negreanu on this matter. He wasn’t advertising for Iseries, he was brining it up for a discussion point which is just as legitimate as any of the poster on TPT posting about Micromillions on pokerstars for example or scoop or talking about any other league.The moderating team at TPT were wrong for sure.

    • Daniel complains he was treated differently because he’s a celebrity – truth is, he was treated the same as everyone else and that is what he’s complaining about – he wanted a different rule set because he’s a celebrity. Welcome to the 99% Daniel.

    • The following post gives me great pleasure, because I think Daniel Negreanu is a moron and a douche. Feelings about Daniel aside, I do think he, and players like him, are good for poker. Online players are boring to watch, and do little to help poker in the media.

      As a poker forum mod, myself, I agree with 2 2. They did the right thing by deleting his posts and banning him. When you bend rules for one person, you gotta bend them for all people. “Why did you delete my thread? You let so and so do it before.” Daniel may have posted about other poker tourneys and series, like Premier League and the Epic Poker League, and while the tourneys and series he posted about in the past may have had added money thrown into the prize pool, I don’t believe they offered profit sharing to the players. iSeriesLive (which I am looking forward to, btw) pays the players, based on the profits it makes via viewer betting. It’s a great idea, but doesn’t mean it should be pimped in forums by those sharing in the profits. It’s no different than if Daniel started posting affiliate links. If someone else wants to post Daniel’s vlog for discussion, that would be fine, though. As long as Daniel (or anyone else sharing in iSeriesLive profits) doesn’t post it.

      I do not see why Daniel is making a stink about this. He’s not dumb. He has to know pimping personal financial interests in forums is a no-no. I can only conclude that he is fighting this because he refuses to ever admit he’s wrong, or just to hear himself talk. He’s like one of those tiny dogs that doesn’t shut up yapping. And it’s an annoying yap.You broke forum rules, Daniel. Live with it. Being famous doesn’t mean you can break rules with consequences.

    • Why is DN acting like such a whiny bitch? If I had his fame and his bankroll I would just stfu and enjoy living the high life and focus on the game/my income streams. Not start pathetic internet flame wars with Mods, and post weekly rants about how unfair everything is. Im with Gags, he should stfu and deal with it. Losing so much respect for him since the start of all his teenage girl posts.

    • However you feel about him aside, I think the decision by 2 2 to issue a ban was a poor one. Thread already in place discussing the iseries, and Daniel did a good job explaining it in his blog. I can’t really see how any direct financial gain was derived by posting the link. Looks to me like 2 2 pitched a fit about nothing. Their time could be better spent making the site easier on the eyes or something useful.

    • that might be the funniest shit that i’ve ever heard. people say you got banned get over it. he was banned for promoting something right? has anyone actually ever been on 2p2? that entire site is a promotion for other stuff. this is absolutely ridiculous

    • Such a drama queen. Keep fighting the fight big pimpin. Can’t wait till you get to Richard Gere status, one day…

    • that might be the funniest shit that i’ve ever heard. people say you got banned get over it. he was banned for promoting something right? has anyone actually ever been on 2p2? that entire site is a promotion for other stuff. this is absolutely ridiculous

      its funny cos its true

    • Danial offered a lot of advice and help that site out a lot just by being a member. Plus like he said they never had an issue with his past posts on events, I am sure if he was promoting this event in a positive way that helped 2plus2 make money then his post would not have been removed and he would not be banned today. (MONEY TALKS)

    • hey negreanu, you broke the rules on 2p2, and you got banned…deal with it

      lol standard gags post

    • hey negreanu, you broke the rules on 2p2, and you got banned…deal with it


      dont like/trust the guy not one bit

    • I empathize with the guys at 2 2 on this one, if for no other reason than that we’ve been in this same position so many times. There have been numerous “famous” members of this site who have gotten butt-hurt over the years because they can’t pimp their personal interests on the site. People need to understand that 2 2 is a business and has the right to decide who is allowed to try and make money off their traffic. They own their site and invest huge amounts of money to maintain it. Daniel doesn’t own 2 2, nor does he have the right to freely use its traffic for his own personal gain.Personally I think Daniel has acted extremely immaturely about a ONE DAY BAN. North Korea? Really? This is a private business that you patronize, not the government of a country where you live. If you like what you get at 2 2 and want to participate, you also have to deal with the decisions they make about how to run their business. I’d guess they’re much more patient and lenient with someone like him than the average user, but there has to be a line

      It’s truly rare that I find myself going out on a limb for a competitor but this is just such a close issue. Generally what happens when you do what they did here is that the “victim” goes on their own personal blog or website or whatever and completely slants what you’ve done. Sometimes (as happened here recently), someone actually purposely gets themselves deleted/banned so that they can then gain publicity from it and try to make you look bad. Clever games these days