David Peters Wins Third WSOP Bracelet in Lucky 7’s for $283,939

David Peters
David Peters won his third WSOP Bracelet after a final table full of top players played out a dramatic conclusion to the latest WSOP Online event

An exciting final table saw David Peters win World Series of Poker Online Event #25 ($7,777 NLHE Lucky 7’s) and the $283,939 top prize after a decorated group of players produced a fast-paced finish. With four of the final eight already bracelet winners, the victory gave Peters his third WSOP bracelet as one of poker’s quiet greats further established his stellar reputation.

Peters led the field into the final table and was the only player to have more than one million chips at that time, and it was another big name who busted first. Jason Koon was eliminated when his all-in from the small blind with Kd3d was met by a call from Galen Hall with 8d8s. The flop of As6d4c didn’t help Koon at all, and nor did the 6h turn or 5c river, meaning the highly-decorated player again missed out on a WSOP bracelet that continues to elude him.

That early bust-out strengthened Hall’s chances after the former bracelet winner entered the final table in second place. However, over the next half-dozen hands, Hall’s stack dwindled, chipping up Ryan Laplante in the process as he overtook Peters at the top of the leaderboard. Hall busted in seventh place after shoving pre-flop for less than ten big blinds with As5h from the cutoff. He was called by Laplante, who held ThTc and after the Kd7s3hJs4h board, Hall was on the rail after winning $33,529.

Christopher Staats went out in sixth place for $44,779 after another big pre-flop confrontation. His all-in move from hijack with TdTc was called by ‘CherryHillPd’ who held QhQd. The flop of 9c8d2s kept Staats needing help but he got none at all on the 5h turn and 3h river, which at the time gave his opponent in the hand the chip lead.

‘CherryHillPd’ won another hand at the expense of a player’s tournament life to trim the challengers again soon after Staats’ demise. Joseph Demestrio was the victim and after moving all in with 8d8c from under the gun, he would have to win a flip as ‘CherryHillPd’ called from the big blind with JsTc. The flop of JdTs6d immediately put Demestrio in massive trouble, and both the 2d turn and 4c river couldn’t save him as he crashed out in fifth place for $60,486.

It was one of the highest standards for the final four players seen so far this WSOP Online, and another superstar of the game departed next. Brandon Adams was short-stacked and moved all in from the button with Ad2c, only to run into a monster. Peters called from the big blind with QsQc and a flop of KcTc2d kept him ahead despite pairing Adams’ deuce. The turn of Ts paired the board, but Adams needed an ace and an ace only to survive and the 7d river ended his hopes of a second WSOP bracelet.

With three players left, stacks were remarkably close and it looked there might be a protracted dogfight for the title. That didn’t transpire exactly, as Laplante dropped out of the reckoning in dramatic fashion. First, Laplante lost most of his stack to Peters after his pocket kings lost to the eventual champion’s gutshot on the river in a previous hand.

Shortly afterwards, Laplante was out in third place for $120,638. Laplante moved all in on the button with Ah9s and was called by ‘CherryHillPd’ with JcJd. The Ks5c4c flop kept Laplante behind, but the 3h turn gave him hope of a miracle on the river. Sadly for Laplante, no deuce or ace saved him, as the Qs ended his chances of winning more WSOP jewellery.

Peters went into heads up action behind with 1.5 million chips against ‘CherryHillPd’, who held the chip lead with 2.1 million, but that situation didn’t last long. With an average stack of 53 big blinds, Peters managed to turn around the chip lead very quickly, and having established a lead, Peters held ‘CherryHillPd’ at arm’s length for dozens of hands as the heads-up battle became a war of attrition.

That war became an easier one to win as Peters took control over the final few hands, whittling his opponent down to under ten big blinds. When ‘CherryHillPd’ moved all-in pre-flop with Qd2h, Peters called with TsTc and the flop of Jc6c3h kept that the case. The turn of 2c and river Ks gave Peters his third WSOP bracelet and earned him $283,939, with ‘CherryHillPd’ winning $175,443 for coming second.

There were 113 players who rebought a total of 38 times in the $7,777-entry Lucky 7’s WSOP Online event, with plenty of big names making the 36 places that finished in the money. Felix Vandeput sneaked into the cash spots, finishing 33rd for $7,797, while Jeremy Ausmus (26th for $8,911), Thomas Boivin (21st for $8,911), Christopher Basile (15th for $12,587) and Ankush Mandavia (10th for $15,483) all missing out on the final table but posting a profit.

In the end, Peters became a three-time WSOP bracelet winner, defeating a final table featuring Koon, Hall, Adams, and Laplante along the way. Winning the Lucky 7’s WSOP Online event for $283,939, Peters sealed his second WSOP bracelet proving he had the skills to negotiate the bulky highest buy-in of the 2021 WSOP Online event.

WSOP Online Series $7,777 Lucky Hearts Final Table Results:

  1. David ‘dpeters17’ Peters – $283,939
  2. ‘CherryHillPd’ – $175,443
  3. Ryan ‘protential’ Laplante – $120,638
  4. Brandon ‘DrOctagon’ Adams – $84,547
  5. Joseph ‘GLOOTIE’ Demestrio – $60,486
  6. Christopher ‘Pay_Son’ Staats – $44,779
  7. Galen ‘turkmalloy’ Hall – $33,529
  8. Jason ‘EddieVedder’ Koon – $25,063