David Szep Scores First GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title for $228K

Hungary's David Szep took home more than $288K for his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ victory.

In his tenth appearance in the $10,000 GGPoker Super MILLION$, and his first final table, Hungary’s David Szep outlasted this week’s field of 105 entries to capture his first Super MLLION$ title and the $228,170 first-place prize.

Szep started the day second in chips and used them to make all the right moves in order to get to the end. He eliminated four of his final eight opponents, another final table replete with top-flight pros which included online poker’s former #1-ranked Bert Stevens, Pascal Hartmann, and Thomas Muehloecker who was at back-to-back final tables. Among the players joining them were WSOP bracelet winner Enrico Camosci and Super MILLION$ Anniversary Edition winner ’judd trump’.

Roughly 45 minutes into the final table ‘judd trump’, who started the day eighth in chips, found a spot to get his short stack in the middle. With the blinds at 15,000/30,000 (3,500 ante), Szep put in a raise to 60,000 from early position with TsTd and when it folded back to ‘judd trump’ in the small blind, he three-bet about a third of his stack to 211,020 with the AdKd. With the action back on Szep, he four-bet enough to put ‘judd trump’ all-in, and last week’s champion made the quick call with his tournament on the line. The flop came KcQs9s, giving ‘judd trump’ top pair. When the turn came the 5s, Szep picked up some additional flush outs which hit when the river fell the 7s. Szep was shipped the sizable pot while ‘judd trump’s back-to-back victory bid was cut short in ninth place for $31,570.

Just five minutes later Russia’s ‘AlexGLrus77’ was making their last stand. With a chip stack below ten big blinds, they opened for a raise to 60,000 in middle position with AcJs only to be three-bet by Thomas Mueloecker to 135,000 who was holding KdKs. When it folded back to the Russian he four-bet shipped his short stack and Muelocker snap-called. The flop came JdTd3d keeping Muelocker’s pocket kings in the lead and with the king-high flush draw, denying ‘AlexGLrus77’ a couple of additional outs. The 8s came off on the turn and when the Ts hit the river, ‘AlexGLrus77’ was officially eliminated in eighth place for $40,425.

Seven-handed play lasted more than 30 minutes when Mueloecker got involved in a big hand once again. With the blinds up to 17,500/35,000 (4,500 ante) Nicolo Molinelli put in a raise on the button to 73,500 with 9h9d. From the small blind, Mueloecker three-bet ripped his final 896,340 holding AdKh and when Marius Gierse got out of the way in the big blind, Molinelli made the call. The board ran out Js5c4hTs9s, giving Molinelli the hand with an unnecessary rivered set. For the second week in a row, Mueloecker bowed out early, exiting in seventh place for $51,763.

Gierse had been grinding a short stack for quite some time. Despite doubling through Szep, he was still sitting on just over ten big blinds. With the blinds at 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante) he put in a raise from under the gun to 266,666 with AcQh, leaving just half his stack behind. Bert Stevens made the call from the cutoff with AsJh and both blinds folded. The flop came Qs8h8d and after a few seconds, Gierse moved all-in for just 285,000 more. Getting better than three-to-one, Stevens made the call and saw that he was dominated with less than a 4% chance to win the hand. The turn was the Td which improved Stevens chances considerably, giving his eight outs to the straight. The 9h was one of those outs and completed Stevens runner-runner win and sending Gierse out in sixth place for $66,282.

For nearly an hour the final five players battled with Stevens building a chip stack and Pascal Hartmann slipping to the bottom of the chip counts. With the blinds at 30,000/60,000 (7,500 ante) Hartmann put in a raise under the gun to 432,000 holding the Ah5h. Next to act, Szep made the call with his AcJs and the rest of the field folded. The flop came 6d5c4d bringing Hartmann middle pair to which he shipped his final five big blinds. After a moment, Szep made the call. The turn came the Qc leaving Szep looking for one of the final three jacks in the deck. The river was the Jd delivering a bad beat to Hartmann who finished in fifth place and collected $84,873.

Enrico Camosci started the day with an overwhelming chip lead, but as the final table played on his massive stack dwindled. With four players left, the WSOP bracelet winner was looking for a double to back to the top of the chip counts. Three hands after Hartmann’s bustout, the blinds had gone up to 35,000/70,000 (8,500 ante) and Szep opened the button to 182,000 with Ah9h. From the big blind, Camosci shipped his final 17 big blinds with the AsKc and Szep quickly made the call. The flop was Tc8h6c, technically keeping Camosci in the lead, but with his straight and flush outs, Szep was the favorite to win the hand. The turn was the 8d and the river came the 9d, bringing a pair for Szep and ending Camosci’s run in fourth place for $108,678.

The quick bustouts continued. Just three hands later, Szep raised the button to 182,000 with the 6s4s and from the small blind Molinelli three-bet to 1,050,000 holding TdTc. In the big blind, Stevens had the AdQs and four-bet shipped his chip leading stack. Szep quickly released and Molinelli made the call for it all. The flop came Qh4c2s, giving Stevens the lead which he held through the 9s[ turn and Ac river. Molinelli collected $139,160 for his third-place finish.

After taking out Molinelli, Stevens entered heads-up play against Szep with the chip lead. But it didn’t take long for Szep to wrestle it away and continue to apply pressure in all the right spots. The heads-up match lasted just over twenty minutes and on the final hand, with Szep holding a better than nine-to-one chip lead, Stevens open shipped his final seven big blinds from the button with the Ts9s. Szep made the quick call from the button with his 4s4s and the flop came ]kc]7d5h, keeping Szep’s pocket fours ahead. The turn was the 8d, giving Stevens some hope but the river was the Qh sending Stevens home in second place for $178,191.

Hungary’s David Szep, who started the day second in chips, finished with them all and picked up $228,170 for his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ win.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Payouts (6/29)

  1. David Szep – $228,170
  2. Bert Stevens – $178,191
  3. Nicolo Molinelli – $139,160
  4. Enrico Camosci – $108,678
  5. Pascal Hartmann – $84,873
  6. Marius Gierse – $66,282
  7. Thomas Muehloecker – $51,763
  8. ‘ALexGLrus77’ – $40,425
  9. ‘judd trump’ – $31,570