DFS Daily Update for August 12, 2015


In five years, I see myself celebrating the five year anniversary of today.

If you’re like me then you like Daily Fantasy Sports. It’s been over four years since they took online poker from us Americans and gave us DFS instead. We all know that poker is a skill game and it’s a shame that we can’t play online poker freely in the US anymore, but things are what they are and unless I want to move to another country, play poker in a casino, or get a job, then DFS is my best opportunity to make a living from my home office in pajamas.

I finally got into DFS March of 2014 thanks to my friend and colleague Thomas Fuller (GnightMoon). I saw how he turned athletes into math problems and gambled against other people on it. It turns out that much like poker, people are bad at math, and if we do math better than them minus rake, then we win money. I got hooked quick.

Fast forward 17 months and I think I am a professional DFS player? I certainly no longer call myself a professional poker player but rather a professional gambler. I have immersed myself into this industry and after a year of marginal profits, I finally started to realize online poker like ROIs this baseball season. I am a respectable winner now after $400k in lifetime DFS buy-ins, but that is small potatoes compared to how my colleagues crushed NBA this season. Thomas got into DFS with Chris Viox (PiMaster), and he is Darth Spreadsheet. They’re further ahead of the game than I am. Thomas and I back poker players together, and Thomas brought me into their DFS fold for golf.

PocketFives has brought the three of us on board to generate DFS content. Thomas is really good at NFL and NBA. I’m really good at MLB and NHL. We all know golf. We’re winners at NASCAR. Chris is the best at turning athletes into math problems. Together we want to get y’all excited about DFS too and help you along the road that we’ve walked in the past couple of years. I will be writing a major column on transitioning from poker to DFS, look for that in the coming weeks. We will be blogging almost daily giving some thoughts we have. We will post our golf notes. We will be podcasting. We will talk theory and fundamentals and the process of learning DFS. If there is any content you want to see, please feel free to shoot us ideas.

This is the first of many Daily Fantasy blogs we will be bringing to you. We’re going to take some days off because taking days off is essential to being a successful gambler. Our profession is still gambling, so sometimes these blogs will be the sloppy scribble from nerds talking about walking muscles. Other blogs might have excellent prose from wizard wordsmiths. Other times they might be a Colorado induced train wreck. We’re not trying to win a Pulitzer here. Away we go!

MLB Early Slate

Five games and all the attention will be in Arizona after the punishment the snakes have put on the phils this homestand. Jamie Romak for ARI, a recent call up, at 2k on DK batting 7th presents a nice punt play. I don’t think you need to play him outside of a Diamondbacks stack though since there’s no expensive pitchers. Andres Blanco for Philly batting 2nd makes a great punt play also.

Two aces on the slate in Shields and Iwakuma. I have them ranked pretty equally. Philly has benched their best hitter today (Franco) and consequently I have Chase Anderson as my 3rd ranked pitcher. Heston is right behind Chase; HOU is striking out less and they still hit it out of the park as good as anybody.

Other nice punts I see are Derek Dietrich batting 3rd facing Eduardo Rodriguez at home and Gregor Blanco vs. Feldman (assuming he’s leading off). I like Blanco better for cash and Dietrich better for GPPs – kid has power.

I’ll be looking toward The Whale’s Vagina and Petco Park for my stacks today. I believe the D-Backs will be over-owned on this weak slate and I see a lot of guys playing baseball in San Diego today who can hit it out of the park. I also think Nola is a pretty baseball thrower. It’s 75 degrees and somewhat humid in San Diego today, about as good of hitting conditions you will find at Petco. Plenty of people will have Shields so if Cincy goes off then Cincy stacks will vault up the leaderboard.

PGA Championship

I think Spieth is actually going to go under-owned this week. Although pricing is soft and you can get anybody you want, after people heard about Rory running up hills in practice they’re on the Rory train. I think everybody above 10k is attractive to most people with the exception of Adam Scott which will further reduce Jordan’s ownership. I haven’t started making my lineups yet, but I think I am going to be heavily exposed to Spieth.

If you’re playing the Milly Maker then make sure you make a unique lineup. There are a handful of chalk plays that will end up in many duplicated lineups.

I will be publishing my notes shortly.

MLB Late Slate

Update 1605 DFS time

Hope y’all got some bats in San Diego. Hope Arizona stops scoring runs.

In the afternoon slate we have a plethora of good pitchers taking the bump. Kershaw leads the lot and I have no problem paying up for him on any site. deGOAT faces Colorado at home and is my clear number two. I then have 5 guys all projected pretty closely; Salazar, Odorizzi, Hammel, Cole, and Wacha are all fine options, but I like Hammel the best with his price tag on DK. Don’t punt pitching tonight.

For stacks I like the Angles in Chicago vs. Danks, the Cubs at home vs. Garza, and the Twins at home vs. Martinez. I think I like the Twins and Cubs the most due to perceived ownership levels, people like to pick on Danks and the Angels are good at smashing baseballs, although they have been cold lately. I think the Blue Jays are overpriced and I want to get some good pitching tonight.

My two favorite punts are confirmed already, Chris Coghlan batting third for CHC and Shane Victorino leading off for the Angels. Sano from MIN is a great play if he takes his usual cleanup role, and I like Joe Mauer, and you can play both of them now. Dexter Fowler (CHC) is a nice value as are John Jaso (TB) and Josh Reddick (OAK).

Lots of tickets up for grabs tonight. Get out there, have fun, find some dongs.

If you have any ideas for content, please let us know. If you have an idea for a better name for this blog than Daily Fantasy Blog, please let me know.