Dylan Linde Stops Sam Soverel to Win PokerGO Cup Event #3 for $169K

Dylan Linde won Event #3 of the PokerGO Cup Friday night in Las Vegas (PokerGO photo)

For the first two hours of the PokerGO Cup Event #3 ($10,000 NLHE) final table on Friday night, Sam Soverel was in control and on top. The last hour was a different story however as Dylan Linde overcame a 3-1 heads-up chip deficit to win $169,300 and a PokerGO Cup title.

The event started on Thursday and had 53 entries to build a $530,000 prize pool with seven players returning for the final on Friday. The fireworks got underway five minutes after cards were in the air and it involved the two shortest stacks and the biggest one. Soverel, who started the final table with the chip lead, raised to 100,000 from UTG. From his direct left, Bill Klein, the shortest stack, moved all in for 305,000. Chris Brewer, the second shortest stack, called as did Soverel. The flop came QsJc5h and Soverel check-called after Brewer put his last 15,000 into the pot. Soverel turned over AhKd, Klein showed AcAs, and Brewer was behind with 9d9h. The turn was the Ks and the river was the 6s to allow Klein to triple up as Brewer was eliminated in seventh place for $26,500.

Soverel found himself facing pocket aces again just five minutes later. Cary Katz raised to 100,000 from UTG before Soverel made it 260,000 from the small blind. Katz moved all in for his last 530,000 and Soverel called. Katz turned over AcAd while Soverel tabled JdJs. The 7c5d5s flop kept Katz out in front as did the 8h turn. The river however was the Jh to give Soverel a rivered set to send Katz out in sixth place.

A battle of the blinds 25 minutes later gave Soverel another opportunity to build his stack at the expense of another player’s tournament life. Action folded to Sergi Reixach in the small blind and he shipped in his 765,000 stack with 8d6d and Soverel called with Ac8s. The As6c3h flop gave both players a pair with Soverel still leading. Neither the Jh turn or the 5d river were any help for Reixach and he was eliminated in fifth.

Four-handed play lasted nearly an hour without any eliminations. Soverel changed that thanks to yet another blind versus blind situation. Steve Zolotow and Linde folded before Soverel moved all in with AsQh from the small blind. Klein called all in for 670,000 with AdTs. The board ran out to KsJs4hTd3c to give Soverel Broadway and eliminate Klein in fourth place for $53,000, all of which will be donated to a charity chosen by Klein.

Zolotow was the next player to fall victim to Soverel. Just six minutes after Klein departed, Zolotow followed him to the exit. Linde folded his button and Soverel moved all in with 8c[6]. Zolotow called all in for 565,000 with Ad9c and then got bad news on the 6s4c2c flop as Soverel made top pair and picked up a flush draw. The Jh turn eliminated runner-runner flush for Zolotow and the Td river was a brick to give Zolotow a third place finish.

Soverel was responsible for four consecutive eliminations and held a 3-1 chip lead over Linde when heads up play began. That lead lasted 30 minutes before Linde flipped the script when his Kc8h flopped two pair against Soverel’s Kd6h. Linde maintained his position on top and continued to grind down Soverel’s stack for the next 40 minutes before Soverel moved all in for 600,000 with Ad3c. Linde called with AcTc and watched the 7s6h4s9hTd runout to eliminate Soverel in second place and earn $169,600 and the title.

Event #3 Payouts

  1. Dylan Linde – $169,600
  2. Sam Soverel – $111,300
  3. Steve Zolotow – $74,200
  4. Bill Klein – $53,000
  5. Sergi Reixach – $42,400
  6. Cary Katz – $31,800
  7. Chris Brewer – $26,500
  8. Daniel Negreanu – $21,200