Brazil's former #1-ranked Yuri Dzivielevski won his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for $408K (photo courtesy: Poker Central)

Former #1-ranked Yuri ‘Yuri Martins’ Dzivielevski denied Michael Addamo a fourth GGPoker Super MILLION$ title this week by battling back from a nine-to-one chip deficit in a gripping heads-up match to clinch the $408,406 first-place prize and his first Super MILLION$ victory.

By all accounts, this week’s 41st edition of the GGPoker $10K Super MILLION$ was Michael Addamo’s for the taking. The Australian superstar entered the final table with an overwhelming chip lead and over the course of the final table went on an impressive heater against a final table full of elite competition that included Connor Drinan, Thomas Muehloecker, Joao ‘Naza114’ Vieira, and Isaac Haxton. However, even though Addamo held an overwhelming chip lead against Dzivielevski when the pair got heads up Dzivielevski made all of the right moves at the right time and in doing so February’s Online Player of the Month flipped the script and walked away with the win.

The bulk of the final table took place in short order with seven of the nine players busting in the first four levels of the day. The first to exit the tournament was a short-stacked Conor Drinan who moved all-in for nine big blinds with Ah4c and was quickly called by Thomas Muehloecker in the big blind with his KdQc. The flop came Kc8d6h giving Muehloecker top pair. It held through the 8s turn and the 7h river sending Drinan out in ninth for $51,050.

Twenty minutes later, Addamo opened in late position with 8s8c and Aliaksei Boika moved all in for his 27 big blinds with Ac4c in the small blind. Addamo took a couple of seconds and made the call. The board ran out KdTc3s7s5d shipping the chips to Addamo and eliminating Boika in eighth place for $66,204.

Then the bustouts came at a rapid pace as ten minutes later, after Muehloecker opened in the hijack with Kc8c, Chris Puetz shipped his final six big blinds with AsJc. Muehloecker made the call and the flop came 9c3c4s giving Muehloecker a flush draw to go with his pair outs. The 7h turn was safe for Puetz but the 7h river brought in the flush and sent Puetz out of the tournament in seventh for $85,856.

The very next hand, Muehloecker, who was second in chips at the time, picked up QhQs and opened in mid-position. The action folded to Addamo who woke up with AdAs and put in a three-bet from the small blind. Muehloecker flat called and the flop came Qd6h2c, giving Muehloecker top set. Addamo put out a small bet and Muehloecker just called. The turn was the 4c and Addamo led out again, putting out roughly a half pot bet. Muehloecker, again, just called. Then, Addamo hit his two-outer when the Ac spiked on the river. Addamo bet small, prompting Muehloecker, with a half pot bet left behind, to move all-in. Addamo snap-called and Muehloecker saw the bad news. Addamo’s chip lead increased while Muehloecker settled for sixth place and a $111,342 score.

Just two hands later, wielding a six-to-one chip lead over the next closest competitor, Addamo opened his 7d4d from the cutoff. On the button, Uruguay’s former #1-ranked Fabrizio ‘DrMikee’ Gonzalez moved all-in holding KdJs. The action folded back to Addamo who called the short-stacked shove. The flop came AdKcJc giving Gonzalez two pair and a 95% chance to win the hand. The turn was the 9d, bringing Addamo’s hand some extra life. The 8d river completed Addamo’s runner-runner flush and eliminated Gonzalez in fifth place for $144,393.

One more hand passed before current OPOY points leader Joao Vieira called with AhAs from under the gun four-handed. Addamo checked his option with the KhJc and the flop came KdJs7c, giving Addamo two pair. Addamo checked it over to Vieira who bet the minimum. Addamo put in a check-raise which Vieira just called. The turn was the 6d and Addamo led for half pot, which Vieira called. The river was the 9d and after a few seconds, Addamo moved all-in putting Vieira to the test with his pocket aces. After tanking for more than four minutes, Vieira clicked the call button and fell in fourth place for $187,255.

With three left, Addamo held more than 17 million in chips compared to the 2.1 million of Isaac Haxton and the 750K of Dzivielevski. Having been quiet for the majority of the tournament, Dzivielevski began to chip up at Addamo’s expense. However, when it was Haxton’s turn to move all-in, it was once again Addamo on the other end.

Addamo raised the button with KdJh and Haxton, with 10 big blinds left in his stack, moved all-in from the small blind with JsTs. After Dzivielevski folded, Addamo made the call and the flop came AsQc4d. Haxton picked up both flush and straight outs when the 9s fell on the turn. But the 5h was no help for Haxton and the high-roller hit the rail in third place for $242,839.

Just two hands into heads-up play, it looked like Addamo was going to walk away with his fourth Super MILLION$ title. From the button, Addamo raised with the 5h3h and Dzivielevski defended holding the Qh6s. The flop came AcQd4s and Dzivielevski check-called a bet by Addamo. The turn was the 2d, hitting Addamo’s gutshot straight draw. Again, Dzivielevski check-called a bet by Addamo. When the Qs hit the river, Dzivielevski led out a quarter-pot bet with his trips and Addamo promptly moved all-in. Dzivielevski went into the tank and after two minutes, he found the fold that kept him in the tournament.

After that fold, the momentum shifted. Even though Addamo held a nine-to-one chip lead, the hands started falling Dzivielevski’s way. Another important clash took place when Dzivielevski raised the button with 9d8h and Addamo three-bet his Kc5d. After Dzivielevski called the flop came Ah8c3d giving Dzivielevski middle pair. Addamo fired out and Dzivielevski made the call. The turn came the Qs and Addamo fired again, and again, Dzivielevski called. The river was the 4h which saw Addamo move all-in, completing the three-barrel bluff. With third pair and his tournament life at risk, Dzivielevski made the call. For the first time in the tournament, Dzivielevski took over the chip lead.

Addamo didn’t go quietly, in fact, he took back the chip lead as the heads-up battle continued. Soon thereafter, Dzivielevski put in a raise with the 9c8c and Addamo three-bet from the big blind, this time holding AcKc. Dzivielevski called and the flop came Jc9d3c, giving Dzivielevski a pair and a flush draw and Addamo the nut flush draw. Addamo bet out which brought a raise from Dzivielevski. Addamo flat called the raise and the pair watched as the Ts hit the turn. Addamo checked and Dzivielevski moved all-in. It only took a couple of seconds for Addamo to call off, looking for a club, ace, king, or queen to end the tournament. The river was the 7d and as the pot was shipped to Dzivielevski, the tables had officially turned and it was the Brazilian who now held an ample chip lead.

On the final hand of the tournament, Addamo opened the button with the QsTd and Dzivielevski three-bet holding JcJs. Addamo made the call and the flop came 9c6c3d. Dzivielevski checked his pocket jacks and Addamo checked back. The turn was a fateful Ts and Dzivielevski checked again. This time Addamo bet and Dzivielevski check-shoved his overpair. Addamo made the call with his pair of tens and when the river came the Kh Dzivielevski’s comeback was complete.

Addamo finished in second place for $314,924, an amount enough to put him back atop the Super MILLION$ All-Time Money List. Dzivielevski took home his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for $408,406.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (3/23)

1. Yuri Dzivielevski – $408,406
2. Michael Addamo -$314,924
3. Issac Haxton – $242,839
4. Joao Vieira – $187,255
5. DrMikee – $144,393
6. Thomas Muehloecker – $111,342
7. Chris Puetz – $85,856
8. Aliaksei Boika – $66,204
9. Connor Drinan – $51,050