Fabian Quoss Wins 2016 Aussie Millions $100K Challenge


Fabian Quoss won the Aussie Millions 0K Challenge

After a four day break in action, the stacked final table of the 2016 Aussie Millions $100K Challenge final table resumed play on Friday night with Ben ‘Ben86’ Tollerene leading over Jason Mercier, Fedor ‘CrownUpGuy’ Holz, Fabian Quoss, Connor Drinan and Sam Greenwood. It took just five hours to play down to a winner with Quoss outlasting Tollerene heads-up to win A$1,446,480 ($1,024,000 US).

Holz, who won Super High Roller events in December and January, wasn’t able to overcome the short stack he started the day with. On just the sixth hand of the day, action folded to Drinan on the button and he moved all-in with 4h4s before Holz tank-called from the button with KhQs. The board ran out 6h5d2hAs9s to keep Drinan in the lead and eliminate Holz in sixth place for A$281,260 for his tenth six-figure score in the last year.

Just six hands later Greenwood became Drinan’s second victim of the day. From the cutoff Drinan raised to 40,000 before Greenwood moved all in from the small blind for 235,000. Drinan called and tabled Qc9c while Greenwood was ahead with Ac2c. The Jc6d3d flop was safe for Greenwood, as was the 4d turn, but the 9d river gave Drinan a pair of nines and sent Greenwood home in fifth place.

Despite adding the stacks of Holz and Greenwood to his own, Drinan’s run was cut short. After dropping pots to Mercier and Quoss to get short, Drinan doubled through Mercier before finding himself in a tough spot.

Action folded to Quoss on the button and he raised to 55,000 with Ac 2c and Drinan called from the big blind with Qc 9s. After the JcTd7c Drinan check-called Quoss’ bet of 75,000. The 9c turn completed Quoss’ flush and after Drinan checked, Quoss bet 135,000. Drinan called. The river was the 6c which gave Drinan a flush of his own. Drinan bet 165,000 and Quoss responded by moving all in. Drinan went into the tank, eventually using the time bank chips players are given to extend the shot clock on any given hand. Drinan called, was given the bad news and was eliminated in fourth place.

While the first three eliminations came in the first 26 hands, the next one took some time. It took 31 more hands of play to get to heads-up action.

Holding Ah8h Mercier button-raised to 60,000 and Quoss re-raised to 160,000 with KsQd. Mercier moved all in and Quoss called. The Qs3s3h flop gave Quoss top pair. He improved to two pair after the Kh turn but Mercier was now drawing to the nut flush. The 2d missed Mercier and he was eliminated in third place.

When heads-up play began Quoss had 2,500,000 in chips to Ben Tollerene’s 1,100,000. The pair played over 60 hands before Quoss conquered the highs stakes cash game specialist. Short-stacked after over two hours of heads up play, Tollerene called off his last 250,000 holidng JsTd after Quoss moved all in with KhJh. The board ran out 6h5c4d5h5d, completley missing Tollerene and leaving Quoss with the third super high roller title of his career.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Fabian Quoss – A$1,446,480
  2. Ben Tollerene – A$924,140
  3. Jason Mercier – A$602,700
  4. Connor Drinan – A$441,980
  5. Sam Greenwood – A$321,440
  6. Fedor Holz – A$281,260