FanDuel Running $1.25 Million NFL Wild Card Saturday Million

Russell Wilson is the most expensive QB this weekend on FanDuel

It’s Wild Card Weekend in the NFL. FanDuelis still going strong and, in fact, is running a $1.25 Million Saturday Million. As its name suggests, the tournament kicks off on Saturday and includes all four Wild Card games.

At the time of writing, the FanDuel Saturday Million, which has a buy-in of $25, has 19,600 lineups entered out of a capacity of 57,471. First place takes home $120,000, while second place gets half that. Third place will pocket $30,000 and the top five finishers will make five-figures. The top 11,490 lineups will make the money and it all starts on Saturday at 4:35pm ET, so set your lineups by then.

Also proving to be popular this weekend on FanDuel is the $5 buy-in Saturday NFL Rush. The prize pool of $1 million in the NFL Rush is almost as large as the Saturday Million’s, as is the first place prize of $100,000. The top five finishers will take home at least $10,000 and the NFL Rush has a capacity of 229,885 lineups. At the time of writing, it was about half full.

If you’re a high-roller, check out FanDuel’s $300 buy-in Saturday NFL Monster, which has a guaranteed prize pool of $400,000 and a capacity of 1,481 lineups, making it one of the smallest fields out there this weekend. First place gets $80,000 and there were fewer than 400 lineups when we checked in on it.

Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Antonio Brown, Jordan Reed, Steven Hauschka, and Seattle’s defense are the most expensive players at their respective positions for Wild Card Weekend. On FanDuel, you’ll select one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker, and one defense. FanDuel uses 0.5 PPR scoring, so you’ll get half-a-point for every reception.

If you don’t already have a FanDuel account, sign up here. FanDuel typically offers a 100% up to $200 deposit bonus that you’ll get back as you play. Each contest played results in a percentage of your deposit bonus coming back to you.