Fedor Holz Starts His Life Outside Of Poker With Primed Mind


Fedor Holz’s first project outside of poker is the mindset app Primed Mind. (WPT photo)

Fedor Holz put together one of the best year’s in modern poker history in 2016. The 23-year-old wunderkind accumulated over $16,000,000 in tournament earnings and left every peer in his wake as he racked up victory after victory. Then, he was gone.

Holz announced after his World Series of Poker bracelet victory last summer that he was “retiring” from poker to focus on other opportunities outside of the game he had made a fortune playing. No one outside of Holz’s inner circle knew for sure what exactly what those opportunities would entail but everyone found out when Primed Mind hit the market.

The mindset app is designed to enhance mental efficiency through “immersive mindset coaching.” Assisting Holz with the development of this project is famed mindset coach, Elliot Roe. With the team of Holz and Roe working to design an optimal product that would appeal to the largest consumer base, Holz believes Primed Mind will be able to produce for customers when it matters most.

“The target audience of our first product Primed Mind is everyone who wants to improve his mental game and approach. If you feel like you can get more out of yourself, especially in these high-pressure situations where it matters. They can expect the highest-quality content and a team that is working non-stop on improving the product and experience.”

The relationship between Holz and Roe goes back to before they were officially business partners. Holz says he started working with Roe to improve his own mental game about one and a half years ago. The literal “voice” behind Primed Mind, Roe narrates the sessions on the app as he helps users develop their own strong mindset.

For most of his adult life, Holz has devoted his time to poker. The studying part of the profession carried over for Holz as he’s taken the first step in his new journey. Working with professionals he was already familiar with gave Holz the comfort to fully develop Primed Mind and allowed him to be energized toward engaging with them.

“It’s a great feeling to devote most of my time to Primed. The people I work with inspire me and it’s 100% what I can identify myself with. The transition from poker to business is very fluid. Generally, there are lots of similarities – the biggest difference is that it’s more of a team game and the ceiling is a lot higher.”

The “ceiling” that Holz refers to is ostensibly not a monetary one considering the many millions he has won playing poker. Instead, Holz wants to create value. Holz speaks often about the power that positive thinking has had on his own career and he wants to spread that message to the users of Primed Mind.

“The initial motivation was to create value – it still is. We want to reach as many people as we can to share the things we think can have the most positive influence on their daily life. We at Primed strive to have as much of a positive impact as we can.”

The “retirement” that Holz said he was taking from poker has been more of an intermittent hiatus at this stage. Holz can be spotted playing in High Rollers around the world and recently participated in Super High Roller Bowl and the World Series of Poker One Drop event earlier this month.

That might be all the poker Holz plays this summer as his other interests start to take up more time in his life. Holz’s Twitter bio lists him as an “investor” and he says he has future projects on the horizon as he further walls himself off from the poker world.

“We have lots of ideas and we will launch other projects in the next months. Mainly we are looking for driven and inspiring people that want to create and give people a new perspective on how to perceive ‘work’ – as something without restrictions and without pressure.”

Only Fedor Holz knows what the next step in his life is. With the early success of Primed Mind, Holz’s alternative life is off to a promising start and if the other projects manage to get off the ground, Holz’s goal of reaching as many people as possible will be well within reach.


  1. I like where Fedor is going with the whole charity thing…Really hating on Doug Polk for his attitude toward charity by comparison. I hope Fedor spends some time studying moral philosophy and philosophy of science. The man has a respectable outlook on things as is, and could really become a driving force away from the tables as far as philanthropy goes. Gl to you, Fedor.