‘FiestaPagana’ Wins Weekly GGPoker Super MILLION$ For $302K

'FiestaPagana' won his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for $302, 053.

High-stakes online tournament crusher ‘FiestaPagana’ took down this week’s $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ event for his first Super MILLION$ title and the $302,053 first-place prize.

Every week, the Super MILLION$ final table features a final table full of elite-level talent but this week was an exceptional one with five former Super MILLION$ winners in the final nine. Adrian Mateos, Wiktor Malinowski, Daniel Dvoress, Isaac Haxton, and eventual runner-up Benjamin Rolle all know what it’s like to take down the Super MILLION$ and they were all gunning for another trip to the winner’s circle. However, ‘FiestaPagana’ was armed with the skill, and the start of the day chip lead,  to navigate the tough final table and he locked up the win.

Fifteen minutes into the day, with the blinds at 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante) Daniel Dvoress put in a raise from early position to 80,000 with TcTs. From the button, Isaac Haxton put in a three-bet to 192,000 holding KdKs. When the action folded back to Dvoress, he four-bet shipped his final 20 big blinds and Haxton quickly made the call. The board ran out Qs9h3cAs9c keeping Haxton’s pocket kings in the lead the entire time and shipping him the pot. Dvoress exited in ninth place for $41,793.

Roughly five minutes later, ‘houzhumi888’ shipped their six big blind stack in the middle with the KcJc. From the small blind, ‘FiestaPagana’ made the call with the Ah5h and Haxton let go of his big blind. The flop came AdJs3c giving ‘FiestaPagana’ top pair but providing ‘houzhumi888’ some additional outs. But the turn was the 6h and the river came the 7c, shipping the pot to ‘FiestaPagana’ and eliminating ‘houzhumi888’ in eighth for $53,515.

Three hands later, with the blinds up to 25,000/50,000 (6,000 ante) it was a battle of the blinds that took out the next player. From the small blind, Marius Gierse open-shipped his final six bigs with the KsTd and was instantly called by Wiktor Malinowski in the big blind with the JsTs. The flop came QsJh6d giving Malinowski a pair and also providing Gierse an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 7d leaving Gierse looking for help. But the river came the 2h shipping Gierse out in seventh place which was good for $68,525.

It took nearly forty minutes before the next player made an exit. The blinds were up to 30,000/60,000 (7,500 ante) when China’s ‘llyybbww’ found themselves critically short on chips. Left with just three big blinds, the satellite winner open-shipped their stack from the small blind holding 8s6d into Rolle in the big blind with his Ah7c. Rolle called and the board ran out KdTs2cKc7h giving Rolle’s ace-high hand the pot and ending ‘llyybbww’s run in sixth place for $87,745.

Adrian Mateos started the day at the bottom of the chip counts and found a way to hang around until play got down to five-handed. With the blinds at 35,000/70,000 (8,500 ante), Rolle put in a raise to 140,000 with his AsJh and when it folded to Mateos in the small blind holding AdTs he three-bet shipped his final nine big blinds. Malinowski folded his big blind and Rolle made the call. The flop came AcAcJs giving Rolle top two pair and Mateos just four outs to the gutshot straight. But the turn came the 9h and the river the 6d sending Mateos to the rail in fifth place for $112,355.

Minutes later, Malinowski was involved in another blind-on-blind confrontation. When it folded to him in the small blind, ‘Limitless’ moved all-in for 16 big blinds holding the AhJd. Rolle woke up with KdKc in the big blind and snap-called sending the pair to a flop of Qd8d6c. The turn came the Qh and Malinowski was left looking for one of the final aces in the deck. The river did not provide one as it came the 5c and ended the day for Malinowski in fourth place for $143,869.

With three players left, and the blinds at 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante) Haxton was sitting on the short stack in the big blind. After Rolle folded his button, ‘FiestaPagana’ called the small blind with Jh8d and Haxton put in a raise to 240,00 with the 9c5h. ‘FiestaPagana’ called and flopped a full house on the JsJc8c flop. He checked it over to Haxton, who was drawing to a runner-runner straight flush as his only path to victory. Haxton bet 104,000 and ‘FiestaPagana’ just called. The turn was the Qd and again ‘FiestaPagana’ checked. Haxton continued his story and bet 236,940 which ‘FiestaPagana’ again just called. The river was the 6h and ‘FiestaPagana’ checked it to Haxton who took a few seconds before unloading the third barrel of 640,000, leaving himself just over 50,000 behind. ‘FiestaPagana’ put in a raise and Haxton, with nine high, made the fold.

Haxton doubled in both of the next two hands but on the third hand after his three-barrel bluff, the high roller got all-in for the last time holding JdTh to ‘FiestaPagana’s KhKs. The board ran out AsAh6s7d8h and Haxton settled for third place and a $184,221 payday.

When the heads-up battle between ‘FiestaPagana’ and Rolle started, their stacks were fairly even. ‘FiestaPagana’ chipped away and broke out into a big lead which Rolle overcame as he took the chip lead for himself. But eventually ‘FiestaPagana’ took it back and in a big hand, secured the momentum to close it out.

With the blinds at 70,000/140,000 (17,500 ante) Rolle limped the button holding AcAd and ‘FiestaPagana’ checked his option with the 8c5d. The flop came the Qh5h3c and ‘FiestaPagana’ checked to Rolle who put out a bet of 140,000 which ‘FiestaPagana’ called. The turn came the Jd and ‘FiestaPagana’ checked it over to Rolle again who put out a bet of 645,750. Again, ‘FiestaPagana’ called. The river came the Tc and ‘FiestaPagana’, holding fourth pair, checked for a third time. Rolle bet 983,955 with his aces and after a few moments, ‘FiestaPagana’ check-raised all-in putting Rolle’s tournament at risk. Rolle took nearly a minute before folding, leaving himself with roughly 12 big blinds.

The tournament was over a few hands later when Rolle limped the button with KsJs and ‘FiestaPagana’ shipped all-in over the top with As9d. Rolle called and the board ran out AcKc6c5c8s giving the hand and the tournament to ‘FiestaPagana’. Rolle finished as the runner-up and collected $235,891 as ‘FiestaPagana’ collected his first Super MILLION$ title and $302,053 with the win.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Payouts (7/6)

  1. ‘FiestaPagana’ – $302,053
  2. Benjamin Rolle – $235,891
  3. Isaac Haxton – $184,221
  4. Wiktor Malinowski – $143,869
  5. Adrian Mateos – $112,355
  6. ‘llyybbww’ – $87,745
  7. Marius Gierse – $68,525
  8. ‘houzhumi888’ – $53,515
  9. Daniel Dvoress – $41,793