First Round of US Full Tilt Payments Scheduled for February 28


In breaking news, Garden City Group, the designated Claims Administrator for US Full Tilt Poker funds, has announced that the first round of refunds will take place this Friday, February 28.

Garden City Group posted on its claims website,, “Petitioners who have been approved for payment in the first round of distributions and whose bank account information has passed the preliminary testing process will be sent an e-mail notice on Monday, February 24 or Tuesday, February 25 with the amount of their payment. The first round of payments is scheduled to be issued on Friday, February 28.”

Garden City Group had been testing bank accounts last week, although not all petitioners reported that their accounts had been tapped. For US players with bank account issues still pending, Garden City posted, “If we do not receive updated, complete, and accurate information by March 13, 2014, a check will be sent to the mailing address provided with the petition. Petitioners contacted by GCG in connection with their bank account information will receive payment in the second round of payments.”

When the second round of payments will take place is not clear, although checks will be mailed on March 13. If you have any questions related to the process, you can call the Group at 866-250-2640 or e-mail

Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas told PocketFives, “It has been a long time coming for thousands of poker players. We are pleased that this money is being rightfully returned to the players. There are still many who are awaiting a final decision from Garden City Group and the DOJ and we hope that these claims can be reviewed expeditiously and that all affected players will be made whole.” PPA has been engaged in dialogue with the US Department of Justice throughout the remission process.

PocketFivers in a thread in the Poker Sites forum reacted to the news, with a California player confirming on Monday, “Just got off phone with them myself. They confirmed my balance in full and said I will have payment by the end of the week. Said any player receiving payment in this wave should get an e-mail today or tomorrow.” Another poster from Ohio joked, “Waited almost three years, what’s another week?”

US players have been separated from their Full Tilt funds since Black Friday, which was nearly three years ago. Despite issues with affiliates, Red Pros, and other specific groups of players, Garden City Group has reached the first round of payments.

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