Former Lock Poker Rep: “Player Balances Won’t Be Honored”


In an interview with Pokerfusethat was published on Monday, former Lock Poker rep Shane Bridges claimed it was unlikely that players would be paid out any time soon: “I never had access to any real financials,” Bridges said, “but with no significant movement on cashouts and promises of the big turnaround now being 12 months old, it would be my assumption that player balances won’t be honored now.”

Lock Poker players could be due as much as eight-figures according to one estimate on Two Plus Two, but whatever the real number is, Bridges said several macro factors plagued the business: “The aggressive low-margin marketing of Lock couldn’t be sustained with the constant network changes and growing processing problems in the industry.”

Bridges also singled out an extravagant way of life that included “first class flights everywhere for [Lock Poker CEO] Jen [Larson] and [programmer] Brendan [Young]” as well as “insane boutique five-star hotels everywhere.” In mid-2013, Bridges claimed he had lost all hope and said it was his belief that the “company had pretty much been completely erased.”

As to the hierarchy of how cashouts were processed, Bridges told Pokerfuse, “Regular players were always given preferential treatment in the cashout process, whether it was good times or bad. It’s been so long since significant cashouts were actually processed I couldn’t actually say how far along it was that [Larson] was still making those promises.”

According to an article from FlushDraw that was published this month, Lock Poker has not processed any withdrawals since April of last year. It added, “Lock Poker has failed to process nearly $1 million is reported cashouts and owes at least another $2 million in player balances.” However, the site continues to operate.

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    • said goodbye to my 15k right after getting 2nd in to 80k, blew through that play money real fast. Cant believe people still thought they were guna get paid 2 years later.

    • Shane is just as much scum as the rest of them for lying about everything for so long.


      He kept telling players that everything was ok, when he obviously knew about the problems. He doesnt need balance sheets in his hand to know that the boss is running a big ponzi scheme.

    • I kissed my Lock balance good bye over a year ago. It’s hard for me to believe that Jen Larson and co. can just walk away from all of this without having any legal repercussions.

    • I don’t feel bad for anyone who lost their roll. You played with fools gold. You turned your cash into monopoly money all for the sake of playing poker. Sucks that it’s happening

    • i’m surprised no one find these ppl and speak to em HU… if i lost 10k in these conditions leaving the site open just using other ppls money i would find em i don’t mind loosing money fair and square but if i get robbed i would do something about it…..spending another 2k would simply be worth it.

    • I don’t feel bad for anyone who lost their roll. You played with fools gold. You turned your cash into monopoly money all for the sake of playing poker. Sucks that it’s happening

      I’m not looking for your sympathy, I have relayed my experience to the poker community so no one else loses their money… BTW I’ve had little to no problem with Bovada and Carbon for cash outs. When I signed up for LOCK they were advertising in Card Player magazine and even had sponsored pros, so I was tricked into thinking LOCK was legit and I would be able to cash out. For you to say I was playing with fools gold seems easy to say in retrospect but at the time the money was very real to me.

    • Unregulated sites = fools gold. We r lucky stars stepped up and paid for full tilt. That was your sign not to think your money is safe. If a site that big fails then smaller sites can fail too. All over p5s are threads saying don’t play with fools gold