Full List of WSOP One Drop Entrants Released, Top Prize Set at $18 Million


The full list of players for Sunday’s $1 million Big One for One Dropcharity event at the 2012 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was released on Saturday. The tournament sold out at 48 entrants and $111,111 of each player’s buy-in will be given to One Drop, which focuses on global water concerns. The finale of the tournament will air live on ESPN and ESPN2 starting on Tuesday, July 3 at 1:00pm PT and continuing until a winner is crowned.

The four-dozen players will be vying for a top prize of $18 million. To put the bounty in perspective, WSOP officials noted, “The $18,346,673 is the largest ever first place prize awarded in any sporting event of any kind (outside of boxing). Additionally, the second place prize of $10,112,001 will become the third largest prize ever awarded in poker, behind Jamie Gold’s haul in the 2006 WSOP Main Event ($12 million).”

On July 1 and July 2, WSOP.com will host a live stream of the event, with commentary from David Tuchman, Olivier livb112Busquet, Justin ZeeJustinBonomo, Jason JCarver Somerville, Greg “FBT” Mueller, and 2005 WSOP Main Event winner Joe Hachem. Day 1 begins at 1:11pm PT on Sunday, July 1.

The 48 players will be divided into eight tables of six players apiece. The participants range in age from 24 to 76 years old:

Bobby Baldwin – Chief Design and Construction Officer, MGM Resorts
Frederic Banjout – CEO, Eden Shoes
Bob Bright – CEO, Bright Trading LLC
Ilya Bulychev – Businessman
Roland De Wolfe – Professional Poker Player
Tom Dwan – Professional Poker Player
Jonathan Duhamel – Professional Poker Player
David Einhorn – Hedge Fund Manager
Antonio Esfandiari – Professional Poker Player
Phil Galfond – Professional Poker Player
Bertrand ElkY Grospellier – Professional Poker Player
Philipp philbort Gruissem – Professional Poker Player
Giovanni “Malibu” Guarascio – Professional Poker Player
Phil Ivey – Professional Poker Player
Eugene Katchalov – Professional Poker Player
Cary Katz – CEO, College Loan Corporation
Jens Kyll̦nen РProfessional Poker Player
Guy Lalibert̩ РFounder, Cirque de Soleil, One Drop Canada
Ben Benba Lamb – Professional Poker Player
Tom Marchese – Professional Poker Player
Jason treysfull21 Mercier – Professional Poker Player
Michael Mizrachi – Professional Poker Player
John Morgan – CEO, Winmark Corporation
Daniel Negreanu – Professional Poker Player
Paul Newey – Chairman, New Wave Ventures
Chamath Palihapitiya – Venture Capitalist
Bill Perkins – Owner, Small Ventures
Paul Phua – Businessman
Brian tsarrast Rast – Professional Poker Player
Vivek Psyduck Rajkumar – Professional Poker Player
Tobias Reinkemeier – Professional Poker Player
Andrew good2cu Robl – Professional Poker Player
Phil Ruffin – Owner, Treasure Island Resort
Rick Salomon – Film Producer
Nick Schulman – Professional Poker Player
Noah Schwartz – Professional Poker Player
Erik Seidel – Professional Poker Player
Mike Sexton – Professional Poker Player
Dan Shak – Founder, SHK Asset Management
Talal Shakerchi – European Hedge Fund Manager
Mikhail Smirnov – Businessman, Poker Player
Justin Boosted J Smith – Professional Poker Player
Brandon Steven – Businessman, Car Dealer Owner
Sam Trickett – Professional Poker Player
Haralabos Voulgaris – Professional Gambler
Richard Yong – Businessman
Satellite Winner – $25,300 Mega Satellite winner, June 30 at Rio
Satellite Winner – MGM Resorts International VIP winner

Half of the entrants are classified as pro poker players, while the other half consists of a mix of businessmen, gamblers, and asset managers. Who is your horse? Leave a comment at the bottom of this article or post in this Live Poker thread.

The top nine will walk away with at least $1.1 million:

1st Place: $18,346,673
2nd Place: $10,112,001
3rd Place: $4,352,000
4th Place: $2,645,333
5th Place: $1,834,666
6th Place: $1,621,333
7th Place: $1,408,000
8th Place: $1,237,333
9th Place: $1,109,333

About $5.5 million will be donated to the One Drop charity given the sold out field.


    • heh, I figured Andy would bail… my friend who was his training partner for the Corporation games said it was unlikely that Andy would every play in a publicly televised event.I sent Andy an email this month offering to train with him here in Dallas… but sounds possibly like he’s involved in bigger games than this over in Minsk…

    • I got Phil Ivey/Ben Lamb/Jason Mercier!!!! to win it all!

      sooooo siiiiick
      If I could pick from 3, I would have Ivey/Duhamel/Trickett, although they are not my fav.players!
      and ye, Daniel hasn’t been runnin 2well lately, but you never know with these superhighrollers
      mind-games, leveling etc

    • The pay Jumps from 9th-4th are not much considering. but from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to first are sick! Pretty sure once the bubble bursts you will see play pick up pretty quick with players making moves trying to position themselves to make the top 3. Also gonna suck for someone when they go 10 handed and the guy who makes the unofficial FT and bubbles the biggest bubble in the history of poker. Almost seems like they could have paid 10 spots to avoid this. I am sure the bubble will come down to a 5-8bb 1.1 Million dollar coin flip. Cant wait to watch coverage of this event

    • and Johnny Chan, and Gus Hansen, and David Phiffer Peate? Did they all drop out?

      yea they 1 drop

    • Who ever wins this will become the All time tourney money winner in one shot.

      No Hellmuth. You know its got to be killing him, how can the best player in the world not be playing in the biggest tourney ever played in the world? Time for him to re think how he looks at himself.

    • Who ever wins this will become the All time tourney money winner in one shot.

      No Hellmuth. You know its got to be killing him, how can the best player in the world not be playing in the biggest tourney ever played in the world? Time for him to re think how he looks at himself.

      Re: Hellmuth, he posted three days ago on Twitter, “I $600,000 so far for the WSOP $1 million One Drop, I need $400K more. If anyone wants to buy a big piece of $50K or more, let me know.” I guess he didn’t get the extra $400K, or didn’t get it in time before the event sold out at 48 players.

    • Also i am hoping whoever sat’s in for the 25k seats is who Wins. what a story. $25,000 buy in = $18,346,673 and #1 on the all time money list.

    • its a sad day he didnt make it, always much more fun with him in it, surprised ivey didn’t shout him in

    • Gus Hanson takes 1st in RIO mega-sat & Shaun Deeb takes 2nd (alter to 1drop) & Jason Somerville = $400K for 3rd

    • http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/2012-world-series-of-poker/25-300-one-drop-mega-satellite/

    • pretty terrible pay out structure should be top 5 get paid. and them giving away 111k off the start do you guys think that this tourney is EV

    • Where is Andy Beal? He already put up his money, did he drop out?

      Andy Beal was on the original list of participants, but according to the WSOP folks, he made a donation straight to One Drop because he isn’t able to play.

    • Hellmuth and Gus Hansen both won qualifier seats to the One Drop, so our field is set. Here’s how each one got in: