Full Tilt Culls Games, Adrenaline Rush and Irish Poker Axed


After a slew of changes were made to the game mix at Full Tiltlast week, site rep Shyam Markuswas left to admit, “I can confirm it’s not a bug. Lots of changes were implemented today, and for sure many won’t be popular.” If you liked Adrenaline Rush Poker, Irish Poker, and high-stakes games, prepared to get your world rocked.

According to PokerNews, the following games have gone the way of the dodo at Full Tilt:

Adrenaline Rush (Starting May 1)
Cap and Deep-Stack HU NLHE
Cap, Deep-Stack, Deep-Stack with Antes 6-Max NLHE
Shallow-Stack Full Ring NLHE
PLHE HU and 6-Max
Full Ring LHE
Deep-Stack PLO HU
Cap, Deep-Stack, Deep-Stack with Antes PLO 6-max
Deep-Stack with Antes 6-Card PLO HU
New-to-the-Game Tables for Certain Games
Irish Poker
HORSE, HA, 7-Game
$0.25/$0.50 and $1/$2 PLO Rush Poker

Among those commenting on the changes was high-stakes pro Doug “WCGRider” Polk, who lamented the loss of nosebleed-stakes games on what was once the second largest online poker room in the world:

According to HighStakesDB, “There are still $1,000/$2,000 and $1,500/$3,000 Limit tablesavailable, which means the action will not dry out completely.”

Full Tilt was once the epicenter of high-stakes games, but a series of SNAFUs including the site being shut down due to insolvency seemingly forced it to find a new identity. Its one-time rival, PokerStars, is now its sister site under Amaya Gaming’s guidance and the room has rebranded to Full Tilt instead of Full Tilt Poker. Its marketing is changing to focus on recreational players and not high-stakes pros.

Adrenaline Rush Poker was introduced 15 months ago and was played four-handed. You could only buy in for five to ten big blinds and there was no post-flop betting.

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  1. Removing the high stakes poker from fulltilt is a very very bad move I clearly hope that they will bring it back since it is the best site for high stakes ps just dose not have that smooth feeling. Instead of killing game’s you might wanna try get some life back to the site, going with the wrong approach tho imo… I would love to manage fulltilt I’m sure I could get it to run good again right now it dose not see me like any one cares.Fulltilt for life baby!

    • I bet shutting down tilt all 2gether wld be good and have high stakes on stars good players wld emerge wld like 1 popular site for some sick battles to go down

    • people log into the site just to watch the high stakes action thus possibly playing or seeing whats going on. Absolutely retarded decision.