Full Tilt Poker May Reopen Without Alderney Gaming License


In breaking news, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission has suspended the gaming license belonging to Full Tilt Poker. The move essentially ground Full Tilt’s traffic to a complete halt, with PokerScout.com registering its cash game player count at zero as of Wednesday morning around 10:30am ET. A regulatory hearing has been scheduled for July 26th in London to address the situation.

What will happen from here remains to be seen. On TwoPlusTwo, rumors were circulating that Full Tilt Poker could reopen its doors in the near future without a gaming license. One poster quoted a source as saying, “From inside FTP: Site will ‘reopen’ in ‘a few hours’ and ‘operate without a license,’ remove Alderney logos, and change T&C.”

Full Tilt could also seek a license from the Canadian-based Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

The same poster added, however, that operating without a license could be a nightmare for payment processing: “Without a license, VISA, MC, and other payment processors will back out. No banks will want to work with an unlicensed company.”

A source close to Full Tilt told PocketFives.com on Wednesday that company officials were “still working on” their next steps. In the interim, the “System Status” icon on Full Tilt’s home page simply reads, “Scheduled maintenance in progress. The system is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon!”

A press release posted on the Alderney Gambling Control Commission’s website explained the decision to take action against Full Tilt: “The decision to suspend these licenses follows a special investigation prompted by the indictments unsealed by U.S. Attorney General’s Office in the Southern District of New York on 15 April 2011, during which grounds were found to indicate that these licensees and their business associates were operating contrary to Alderney legislation. The nature of the findings necessitated the taking of immediate action in the public interest.”

Full Tilt has not yet issued cashouts to U.S. players, although it reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to process refunds one week following the Black Friday indictments back on April 15th.

The suspension of Full Tilt’s license means that the world’s second largest online poker room cannot register new players, accept deposits, process withdrawals, or offer online poker. The statement from the Alderney agency fingers Vantage Limited, Oxalic Limited, Filco Limited, and Orinic Limited, “who collectively trade as Full Tilt Poker.”

Another poster on TwoPlusTwo pasted an e-mail he received from Moneybookersaddressing the Full Tilt situation: “As a Moneybookers customer, you already know you are the most important part of our business. We always make sure you receive the safest service. For this reason, we have stopped accepting deposits made to Full Tilt Poker. There are extraordinary circumstances behind this situation that are beyond our control. We will not comment on these, just take appropriate action that protects our customers.”

Also surfacing on TwoPlusTwo was a rumor that a Full Tilt Poker employee purportedly identified June 29th as the date on which Full Tilt Poker would effectively be shut down. In a thread about Lock Pokerpro Jose “Girah” Macedo, one TwoPlusTwo user wrote, “Just seen something really, really interesting in another thread. There was some guy who posted soon after Black Friday saying he was a FTP employee and said FTP was about to go down – and apparently even said it would be on 29th June when it would happen!”

A source close to Full Tilt Poker told PocketFives.com that an e-mail update is forthcoming.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Full Tilt pro Tom Dwan (pictured) has been fielding questions from concerned Full Tilt Poker players. Just before signing off for the night, Dwan Tweeted, “Just heard some rly good news that I’d love to trust, gonna go to sleep instead of making my head explode w/ various extrapolations.”

Dwan added, “Some pretty objective ppl whose opinions I respect are worried now that FT can’t pay out or find a buyer. Me too more I think about it.”

Around 11:00am ET, Dwan explained, “I’ll try to Tweet my take on the situation in a few hours when I wake up- which’ll be more educated and hopefully contain more good news.”

We’ll keep you posted on the latest on Full Tilt Poker’s license suspension.


    • Sick….Does anyone know if full tilt re-licensed through Canadian-based Kahnawake Gaming Commission, could USA players play again?

      Like would re-licensing, selling, and then re-naming the company provide any chance for USA players to come back?

      But you are right pokerstars sat back and said Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching

    • would re-licensing, selling, and then re-naming the company provide any chance for USA players to come back?


    • Who would want to play on full tilt again? Not me, and i’m Canadian. They took 3 months to pay me, took weeks to answer e-mails, and froze my account for no given reason shortly after a deposit. These guys have been screwing people over forever and now its all coming back on them. Hope that they are done for good! stars is way more on the ball and hopefully survive this whole mess.

    • Thought everyone would get a good kick out of this. 4 days ago after receiving my last cash out I decided it was time to close my ftp account this is the small history of correspondence with ftp. I’m so lucky to get all my $$ out

      Hello Mike,

      We certainly appreciate your honesty and have now closed your account *tuna_fish_tank* at your request.

      Again, this does not make you eligible to open a new account on full tilt Poker. Our policy is that one full tilt Poker account is allowed per player.

      For a full explanation of our site terms, please visit our website at: http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/site-terms

      If you change your mind in the future, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to reopen your account.

      We wish you good luck in your endeavours and hope to serve you again in the future.


      Full Tilt Poker Black Card Support

      Please remember never to give out your password or enter
      account details over the Internet. full tilt Poker staff will
      never ask you for your password. For your security, always
      keep this information a secret.

      Learn, Chat, and Play with the Pros at full tilt Poker

      Original Message Follows:
      Thanks for the email. *

      I would like to close my account because of the pathetic way the company has been run.
      Fulltilt is run by incompetent fkn asshole’s and it would make me sick to put another penny into this piece of shit site.
      The complete lack of respect for players / customers. *The worst player loyalty program out of the bigger sites.

      Fulltilt poker is a disgrace to the poker community and I hope it goes down in flames and the ownerships rots in hell!!!

      Please close my account !!
      Mike Stroh

      Sent from my iPhone

      On 2011-06-27, at 9:08 PM, full tilt Poker – Blackcard wrote:

      Hello Mike,

      If you’d like your account closed, just let us know and we’d be happy to assist you.

      Please understand that if you request to have your account closed, it does not make you eligible to create a new account on full tilt Poker. Our policy is that one full tilt Poker account is allowed per player, even if the account is currently inactive.

      For a full explanation of our site terms, please visit our website at: http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/site-terms

      Mike, could you let us know, if there is any reason in particular why you would like to close down your account. We are more than happy to listen to your feedback.

      Also, if you’d like to temporarily close your account, you may wish to use our Self-Exclusion feature to exclude yourself from playing poker on our site for a period ranging from 12 hours to 180 days.

      To exclude yourself from playing on our site, just follow these four steps:

      1) Log in to your full tilt Poker account.
      2) In the “Requests” menu, select “Responsible Gaming”.
      3) Select “Self-Exclusion”.
      4) Follow the instructions, and select “Submit”.

      However, please note that if you choose to exclude yourself from playing on our site using this feature, we’re unable to end your exclusion period early.


      Full Tilt Poker Black Card Support

    • pokerstars is ten million times better than tilt, they respond to any complaints within a day and money is there even quicker when paying out. tilt was always way worse and doesnt deserve to exist. I hope they never re open their doors, and cant wait til the us allows stars to let americans play again.

    • I wouldnt play full tilt if they didnt pay USA players…I am just dreaming I guess.

      I would play full tilt if they sold out to new owners and they took care of out standing debts tho… I understand thats a long shot, but If new ownership could have the same software and games but just run the business better maybe it could make it.

      But for the record I meant I would play there if they had new ownership and paid out USA players.

    • So the stakeholders, Lederer, Fergusen etc, have nothing to say? It sure would be interesting to find out what the **** happened after Ivey took his private plane to a meeting a few days ago. Now this s**t happens? ROT IN HELL FTP!