Full Tilt Refunds Begin Hitting US Bank Accounts


Posters on PocketFives and TwoPlusTwo have begun reporting that their Full Tilt Poker refunds have hit their bank accounts. One PocketFives member wrote on Thursday night, “Payments have started! I got a pending ACH transaction from ‘EveryDay Checking 5631 02/27/2014 $XX,XXX.02 PPD DOJ POKER STARS POKERPAY01 ROUTING NO. 04400002.’ Funds will be available at 9pm tonight. Finally!”

Another member of the PocketFives community added, “Money has hit my account! Weeeee!

On TwoPlusTwo, more reports trickled in. One poster simply said, “It’s happening,” while another chimed in, “Received payment as of 5:35pm.” There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what bank accounts received payments, as one poster with a small financial institution said, “Just received my payment, I used my local credit union instead of the big bank I could have used.” Multiple players on PocketFives and TwoPlusTwo using credit unions reported that their funds were officially available as of late Thursday night.

Additionally, Chaseand PNCaccount holders on TwoPlusTwo reported being reunited with their funds for the first time since Black Friday, nearly three years ago.

Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator for Full Tilt Poker, announced earlier in the week that it had begun testing the bank accounts of petitioners and that the first round of repayments was slated for Friday.

One player remarked rather patiently, “Mine hasn’t hit. It’s probably dependent on the bank. Seems like it will likely be there tomorrow.” Whether funds will be officially available on Friday or early next week for US account holders remains to be seen.

On February 21, Garden City Group sent e-mails to players with incomplete or inaccurate bank account information. Said players have until March 13 to update their details by contacting Garden City Group. If no contact is made, a check will be mailed to the address provided on a player’s petition for remission.

Also yet to be paid are Full Tilt affiliates. As of January 31, Garden City Group sent 8,400 e-mails to affiliates of Full Tilt Poker. It’s important to note that affiliates have until this Sunday, March 2, to submit a petition. According to the Group, “Affiliate balances shown upon logging into the online filing site were determined by deducting from the account balance all payments labeled as affiliate payments in the data provided by Full Tilt Poker.”

Players with disputed refund amounts have also not been repaid.

Did you receive your Full Tilt Poker refund? Comment here or in this PocketFives thread. We’ll keep you posted on the latest Full Tilt Poker news.

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    • It’s been a long time coming, but it’s great we’re all finally getting paid back.

      Appreciate the amount of work you put in throughout the process.

      Going to be nice not having to think about this anymore.

      The End.

    • It’s great to hear your all finally getting your hard earned money back after what has no doubt been a long and draining experience to get to this point. Enjoy spending those new found funds! 😀

    • Yeah thanks everyone who fought for all of us. Money hit account this morning and still can’t believe it. Cheers all!!

    • Hate to be a debbie downer, but now what, another year for the disputed funds to be distributed?

      Just asked the Poker Players Alliance your question and they do not yet have a time frame for people with disputed balances.

    • I didn’t dispute my balance and for sure was one of the first to file a petition and I’m not on the 1rst round of payment list.. Fuck everyone, uggghhhh

    • Wondering if anyone else is in the same spot here…I never received the email with a pre-registered petition/claim number. So I went on the GCG website and manually filed for a petition and claim number in September. At the same time I uploaded several photos and files of my account balance.I never heard anything back from GCG, and I never called GCG to follow up based on their statement on their website “GCG will provide a Notice of Deficiency to all Petitioners with eligible but deficient Petitions specifying the additional information that must be submitted for the Petition to be considered.”So essentially, because I received an email after my manual petition that said it went through, and I never heard any reason they wouldn’t pay me I figured I was good to go and would be paid.Now today rolls around and I don’t see my payment. I contacted GCG, and they say their records show their email to me last year went through and I should have used their premade petition/claim number rather than submit a manual one. I never actually received an email from them last year, and thus why I promptly submitted a manual petition (and yes I checked my spam mail — the GCG typical excuse).Their response today was that I need to use their premade petition. I did that this afternoon and they did in fact have the right balance for me. The issue I have is that they said because this filing is past the November deadline, there is no guarantee I get my money. I find this to be horseshit because I actually filed in plenty of time the way we were instructed to do in the event that no email was found. They just chose to ignore my manual petition submission, and evidently I am not going to get paid because of that.Anyone else in this situation? Any idea how this might be handled by DOJ and GCG going forward?

    • Who else tried to cash out on tax day, and their amount from GCG was short by that amount? This is the situation I am in and I hope it gets resolved asap. I took screenshots of the full tilt payment emails as my proof.