Galfond Challenge: Galfond Wins €19,003 Off ‘ActionFreak’

Galfond Challenge
Galfond won €19,003 off 'ActionFreak' in Tuesday's session of the Galfond Challenge

The ‘Galfond Challenge‘ between Phil Galfond and ‘ActionFreak‘ had another 776 hands played on Tuesday, May 12, pushing the match to 7,272 hands complete. When it was all said and done, Galfond was the session’s winner, taking €19,003.35 off ‘ActionFreak.’

At 7,272 hands, the 15,000-hand challenge is now more than 48% of the way through. Overall, Galfond is in the lead by €197,252.62.

Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ are playing €150-300 Pot Limit Omaha. At the current pace, Galfond is winning €2,712.49 per 100 hands, which comes to 9.04 big blinds per 100 hands. When the 15,000 hands are complete, whoever is up will win a €150,000 side bet from the other player, which comes in addition to any money that is won on the felt.

One of the big highlights from Tuesday’s session was the following one that involved an all-in pot on both tables after the two saw almost identical flops.

On the right, Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ had €5,399 in the middle on the Qc6c5s flop. ‘ActionFreak’ checked, Galfond bet €2,699.50, and ‘ActionFreak’ raised to €13,497.50. Galfond went all in for €27,449 and ‘ActionFreak’ made the call.

Galfond showed the KcQs5d3c and ‘ActionFreak’ had the QdTd5c4c. The turn was the Jh and the river was the 9s. Both players finished with two pair, queens and fives, and they chopped up the €60,297 pot.

The table on the left had a different result, though. In that one, ‘ActionFreak’ pulled in a €59,999 pot.

‘ActionFreak’ check-raised Galfond’s €1,223.32 bet to €4,025.44 on the Qc5d4c flop. Galfond then made it €8,950.38 and ‘ActionFreak’ reraised to €28,650.14. Galfond shoved for a tiny bit more, €29,100 total, and ‘ActionFreak’ called.

‘ActionFreak’ had the QsTd6c5c and Galfond had the AcQhTc4h. The turn was the Jh and the river was the 5s. ‘ActionFreak’ finished with a full house and won the pot.

A big one that went Galfond’s way was this next one worth €79,398. He won it with a set of jacks against the lower set of fives that ‘ActionFreak’ held.

‘ActionFreak’ checked the KcJh5h8s board with €4,245.64 in the middle. Galfond bet the pot and ‘ActionFreak’ raised to €16,982.56. Galfond went all in and ‘ActionFreak’ called off his remaining €19,045.13.

Galfond had the KhJsJd7d and ‘ActionFreak’ had the 7c5c5s3h. The river was the 3d to keep Galfond in the lead and give him the pot.

Challenge Results To Date

Hands Played Daily Winner Amount Won
Day 1 (Apr. 27) 145 ActionFreak €11,162.32
Day 2 (Apr. 28) 1,017 Phil Galfond €3,632.83
Day 3 (Apr. 30) 844 Phil Galfond €310,594.59
Day 4 (May 1) 665 Phil Galfond €113,377.48
Day 5 (May 4) 680 ActionFreak €95,304.17
Day 6 (May 5) 727 ActionFreak €74,625.85
Day 7 (May 7) 746 Phil Galfond €26,980.36
Day 8 (May 9) 944 Phil Galfond €165,093.85
Day 9 (May 11) 721 ActionFreak €256,044
Day 10 (May 12) 776 Phil Galfond €19,003.35
Total 7,272 Phil Galfond €197,252.62

What’s Next for the Galfond Challenge?

Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ plan to be back in action on Thursday, May 13, 2020. We can expect another four or five hours of action and around 750 hands to be played.