Galfond Challenge: ‘ActionFreak’ Chips Away at Galfond’s Lead

Galfond Challenge
Galfond Challenge

Two more sessions of the ‘Galfond Challenge‘ between Phil Galfond and ‘ActionFreak‘ are in the books. The two are on the back nine of the 15,000-hand challenge. With 8,766 hands complete, Galfond is in the lead by €116,308.45.

On Thursday, the two battled for 784 hands of €150-300 PLO and pushed past the halfway point in the challenge. ‘ActionFreak’ was the winner during that session, picking up €23,363.64 off Galfond and cutting his deficit to €173,888.98.

On Friday, Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ were back at it and played another 710 hands. It was again ‘ActionFreak’ who booked the win, taking €57,580.53 off Galfond this time.

Helping ‘ActionFreak’ to pick up the winning session was the following €75,507.68 pot that went his way.

After four-bet preflop action, ‘ActionFreak’ and Galfond took the 4s4h3h flop. ‘ActionFreak’ checked and Galfond bet €3,995 into the pot of €16,199. ‘ActionFreak’ raised to €11,977.37 and Galfond reraised to put ‘ActionFreak’ all in. With €17,676.97 behind, ‘ActionFreak’ made the quick call.

‘ActionFreak’ had the Kh6d5h4d and Galfond had the AhAc9c7h. The turn was the 7d and the river was the 7s. ‘ActionFreak’ had turned a straight and held from there to win the big pot.

Another four-bet pot that took place was the following one, and this time it was Galfond winning the €61,797 affair.

Galfond had made it €900 to go on the button, ‘ActionFreak’ reraised to €2,700, and then Galfond made it €8,100. ‘ActionFreak’ called. With a stack of €22,799, ‘ActionFreak’ checked the Td9s3s flop. Galfond bet the full pot (€16,199) and ‘ActionFreak’ moved all in. Galfond made the call.

Galfond had the KcJd5d4c and ‘ActionFreak’ had the 8c6c6s5s. The turn was the Kd and the river was the Tc. Galfond’s hand was best and he hauled in the pot.

Challenge Results To Date

Hands Played Daily Winner Amount Won
Day 1 (Apr. 27) 145 ActionFreak €11,162.32
Day 2 (Apr. 28) 1,017 Phil Galfond €3,632.83
Day 3 (Apr. 30) 844 Phil Galfond €310,594.59
Day 4 (May 1) 665 Phil Galfond €113,377.48
Day 5 (May 4) 680 ActionFreak €95,304.17
Day 6 (May 5) 734 ActionFreak €74,625.85
Day 7 (May 7) 746 Phil Galfond €26,980.36
Day 8 (May 9) 944 Phil Galfond €165,093.85
Day 9 (May 11) 721 ActionFreak €256,044
Day 10 (May 12) 776 Phil Galfond €19,003.35
Day 11 (May 14) 784 ActionFreak €23,363.64
Day 12 (May 15) 710 ActionFreak €57,580.53
Total 8,766 Phil Galfond €116,308.45

What’s Next for the Galfond Challenge?

Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ plan to be back at the virtual tables on Saturday, May 16, and they’ll battle for another four or five hours. They’re past the halfway point of the challenge and there are 6,234 hands remaining. At the end of the 15,000 hands, the player who is up will win an additional €150,000 side bet from the other player.