Galfond Challenge: Galfond Sees €200,000 Win Slip Away

Galfond Challenge
Phil Galfond was up around €200,000 in the second Galfond Challenge session against 'ActionFreak' but finished up less than €4,000

On Tuesday, the ‘Galfond Challenge‘ between Phil Galfond and ‘ActionFreak‘ continued with the second session between the two. After the first session was cut short due to connectivity issues, the second session lasted a lengthy 1,017 hands. In the end, Galfond finished up on the session by just €3,632.83, but he was up around €200,000 at times during the session.

Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ are scheduled to play 15,000 hands of €150-300 PLO on Run It Once Poker. After two sessions, they’re 1,162 hands through and ‘ActionFreak’ is up €7,529.49 overall. Remember, the winner of the challenge wins a €150,000 side bet from the other player.

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Galfond jumped out to lead early in the second session and then he started to pull away. Just a few dozens hands in, when he was up €15,000-€20,000 on the day, Galfond hauled in a €76,492.50 pot with a wheel.

There was €13,389.52 in the middle on the AcKs4h8c board. ‘ActionFreak’ bet €8,837.08 and Galfond called to see the 2s complete the board on the river. ‘ActionFreak’ shoved all in for €22,714.41 and Galfond quickly called.

Galfond had rivered a wheel with the QcQh5s3c. ‘ActionFreak’ had the AsKc7h6s and saw the big pot go Galfond’s way.

Not too long after, Galfond picked up another big one, this time with a full house to scoop a pot worth €63,895.

‘ActionFreak’ checked the Kd9d9c6d board and Galfond fired a pot-sized bet of €8,098.50. ‘ActionFreak’ made the call and the river was the Kh. After ‘ActionFreak’ checked, Galfond shoved all in for €19,799.75. ‘ActionFreak’ made the call.

‘ActionFreak’ had the Ad8d6h6s for a full house, sixes over kings. Galfond had a better full house, though, holding the Kc9h7c3d and he won the pot.

The big winning continued for Galfond shortly thereafter again, and this time it was a straight that allowed him to capture a pot of more than €80,000.

With €11,229.92 in the middle on the Qd4h3d6s board, ‘ActionFreak’ checked and Galfond bet €7,636.35. ‘ActionFreak’ check-raised to €34,138.97, leaving himself with €1,135.83 behind, and Galfond shoved. ‘ActionFreak’ quickly called and the cards were revealed.

‘ActionFreak’ had the KdKhQh6d and Galfond had the 7c6h5s4s. The river was the Kc and Galfond’s seven-high straight won him the pot.

Galfond was up well over the €100,000 mark when the following €59,999 pot played out that gave him even more chips.

‘ActionFreak’ fired a pot-sized bet of €1,799 on the Js9h5h3d board and Galfond raised to €5,100. ‘ActionFreak’ fired back with a reraise to €17,099 and Galfond made the call. The 7s came on the river and ‘ActionFreak’ moved all in for €12,001. Galfond called.

Galfond showed down the Kh7h6c4d for a seven-high straight. ‘ActionFreak’ had the JcJd8d4s for a losing set of jacks.

Eventually, ‘ActionFreak’ started to find some momentum and mount a comeback on the session. Again, Galfond was up around €200,000 at points during the session, but he only won €3,632.83 on the day. One of the big ones that went the way of ‘ActionFreak’ was this next one.

There was €26,890.34 in the middle on the JdTc7c5h3d board. ‘ActionFreak’ moved all in for €19,840.17 and Galfond called.

‘ActionFreak’ showed the Ah8h6s4s for a seven-high straight to beat Galfond’s AsAcKh9s and win the €66,570.68 pot.

‘ActionFreak’ won another monster by making a big call on the river for his entire stack.

The final board was Qh6s3h6h9c and there was €25,483.28 in the middle. Galfond bet the pot, which was enough to put ‘ActionFreak’ all in. ‘ActionFreak’ had €23,247.53 left and made the call.

‘ActionFreak’ had a flush with the QsTcTh9h and he beat Galfond’s Kh9s8d5d to win the €71,978.34 pot.

Then, ‘ActionFreak’ scooped an enormous pot worth €96,436.40.

Preflop, Galfond made it €900 on the button, ‘ActionFreak’ reraised to €2,700 from the big blind, and Galfond reraised to €8,100. ‘ActionFreak’ called and the flop was 7s4h2h. ‘ActionFreak’ checked and Galfond potted it for €16,199. ‘ActionFreak’ jammed all in for €40,118.70 and Galfond called to create a pot worth nearly €100,000.

Galfond had the QhJhTc7c for top pair and a flush draw. ‘ActionFreak’ had the KsKh5h2s for a pair of kings and a better flush draw. The turn was the Kc and the river was the Jd. With that, ‘ActionFreak’ won the pot and took a huge chunk from Galfond.

Challenge Results To Date

Hands Played Daily Winner Amount Won
Day 1 (Apr. 27) 145 ActionFreak €11,162.32
Day 2 (Apr. 28) 1,017 Phil Galfond €3,632.83
Total 1,162 ActionFreak €7,529.49

What’s Next for the Galfond Challenge?

Galfond and ‘ActionFreak’ plan to resume action with another session on Thursday, April 30, after taking a day off.

Right now, Galfond is currently playing two challenges. He has this one that kicked off against ‘ActionFreak’ and he’s also playing the one against Bill Perkins. The match against ‘ActionFreak’ will be played more regularly with sessions against Perkins worked in here and there. For details on all of the matches, check out PocketFives’ dedicated Galfond Challenge hub.