Galfond Challenge: Galfond Books Small Win

Galfond Challenge
In Thursday's Galfond Challenge session, Phil Galfond booked a small win over 'ActionFreak'

Phil Galfond and ‘ActionFreak‘ returned for more €150-300 Pot Limit Omaha action on Thursday, May 7, for what was the seventh session of the ‘Galfond Challenge‘ between the two. They played on partypoker again, with Galfond winning around €20,000 on the day.

With the result, Galfond is up more than €250,000 overall. The two are just about one third of the way through the 15,000-hand challenge, but it’s still anyone’s game because the swings are big.

Speaking of swings, there were several on Thursday, including the first big all-in pot of the day that saw ‘ActionFreak’ scoop a €64,115.50 pot.

‘ActionFreak’ made it €900 on the button and Galfond reraised to €2,700 from the big blind. ‘ActionFreak’ kicked it up to €8,100 and Galfond called. On the 9d5c4s flop, Galfond led with a pot-sized bet of €16,199. ‘ActionFreak’ went all in for €23,958.25 and Galfond made the call.

Galfond had the JhTh9s6s and ‘ActionFreak’ had the KcJd9c8d. The turn was the Ts to give Galfond the lead with two pair, but the Kh on the river gave ‘ActionFreak’ a better two pair and he won the pot.

Another big one that ‘ActionFreak’ won involved him snap-calling Galfond on the river with quads aces, and it won him a €63,282.34 pot.

‘ActionFreak’ checked the Ah8d3c9sAs board with €26,887.02 in the middle. When he checked, ‘ActionFreak’ had €18,197.66 left in his stack and Galfond covered. Galfond took his time and then jammed all in. ‘ActionFreak’ snap-called to show Galfond the bad news.

Galfond had the QhJh5d2h for a whole bunch of nothing. ‘ActionFreak’ had the AhAc7c3h for quad aces and he hauled in the pot.

A third big pot that went the way of ‘ActionFreak’ was this next one worth €74,437.64.

With €5,399 in the middle on the AdTc2c flop, Galfond fired a pot-sized bet and ‘ActionFreak’ raised to €21,596. Galfond moved all in, having ‘ActionFreak’ covered, and ‘ActionFreak’ called off his remaining €12,923.32.

Galfond had the ThTs5s4h and ‘ActionFreak’ had the AcJcJh4c. The turn was the 9c and the river was the 3d. ‘ActionFreak’ finished with a club flush and won the pot.

Despite all of the big pots that ‘ActionFreak’ won, Galfond won his fair share of them, too, including this one worth more than €67,000.

On the KdTc8h6h4c board, there was €25,042.08 in the middle and Galfond was first to act. He bet the full pot and ‘ActionFreak’ made the call for his remaining €17,478.46.

Galfond had the AdJc9s7h for a straight. ‘ActionFreak’ had the KsJsTh2d and lost with two pair.

Galfond also won a pot worth more than €80,000 with another straight, using the same nine and seven to make it.

Again, it was Galfond firing a pot-sized bet on the river, this time for €26,887.02 on the Qd6h5d8hKc board. ‘ActionFreak’ called but could only muck his hand when Galfond showed the 9s8s7c6s.