Galfond Challenge: Galfond Books $91,705 Win Over Perkins

Bill Perkins and Phil Galfond
Bill Perkins (left) and Phil Galfond battle in a nother edition of the Galfond Challenge (photos: WPT)

The second edition of the ‘Galfond Challenge‘ continued on Tuesday, April 21, with Phil Galfond and Bill Perkins putting on the gloves for another round of $100-200 PLO. They played 625 hands and Galfond finished $91,705.91 to the good.

Perkins entered the second day of play with $1,561.86 lead over Galfond, and in opposing fashion to what we saw when Galfond took on ‘VeniVidi1993’ in the first Galfond Challenge competition, Galfond has started up a few buy-ins instead of down. Now through 1,013 hands of the 50,000-hand challenge (there is a $400,000 stop-loss in effect), Galfond is up $90,144.05 overall.

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Once again, Galfond streamed his side of play on the Run it Once Poker Twitch channel, so we’re able to show you a few highlights.

The first pot we’ll look at from Tuesday’s action was one that saw Galfond put in a pot-sized raise on the river with a full house.

With $4,957 in the middle on the 8c8h7s7d board, Galfond checked with the JhTs8d7h and Perkins fired $2,478.50. Galfond made the call and the river was the Qh. Galfond checked and Perkins bet $7,435.50 into the pot of $9,914. Galfond check-raised to $26,371 and Perkins folded.

Not too long after, Galfond made a full house and won a $53,955 pot off of Perkins.

On the Ts5d4d flop, Galfond checked with the QhQs9c4h and Perkins bet $599.50 into a pot of $1,199. Galfond called and the Qd hit the turn to give him a set of queens. Both players checked and the 4c paired the board on the river.

Now holding a full house, queens over fours, Galfond bet the pot for $2,398. Perkins raised to $7,793.50 and Galfond fired back with a reraise to $25,778.50. Perkins called but could only muck his hand as he was not able to beat Galfond’s full house.

Of course, there were some pots that swung Perkins’ way, including this next one worth $53,973.10.

After Perkins made it $600 to go on the button, Galfond reraised to $1,800 from the big blind. Perkins four-bet to $5,400 and Galfond called. The flop was 9d6c3s and Galfond checked. Perkins bet $5,399.50 and Galfond raised to put Perkins all in. Perkins called off his remaining $16,187.55.

Perkins showed the AcAs5h2c and Galfond had the AdKcKh3d. The turn was the 7c and the river was the 4s. Perkins went on to make a straight and hauled in the pot.

One final hand we’ll highlight from the Tuesday, April 21, session was a set-over-set banger that gave Galfond an $81,489 pot.

On the AsQc6c flop, Galfond bet $815.32 into a pot of $1,199 after Perkins checked. Perkins raised to $3,644.96 and then Galfond made it $8,974.60 to go. Perkins called and the turn was the 7h. After Perkins checked, Galfond fired $13,020.77. Perkins shoved and Galfond called off his remaining $18,149.66.

Galfond had the AdAcJc7c and Perkins held the QdQh8h6s. The river was the 8s and Galfond was pushed the $81,489.06 pot.

Challenge Results To Date

Hands Played Daily Winner Amount Won
Day 1 (Apr. 14) 388 Bill Perkins $1,561.86
Day 2 (Apr. 21) 625 Phil Galfond $91,705.91
Total 1,013 Phil Galfond $90,144.05