Galfond Challenge: Tuesday Brings a Small Win for Galfond

Phil Galfond Challenge vs. 'VeniVidi1993'
The first match of the Galfond Challenge sees Phil Galfond take on 'VeniVidi1993' in 25,000 hands of €100-€200 PLO

Amid all the talk surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effect on the poker world, another day of the ‘Galfond Challenge’ between Phil Galfond and ‘VeniVidi1993’ took place on Tuesday. The session lasted 576 hands and resulted in another Galfond victory.

This latest session of €100-200 PLO on Run It Once Poker saw Galfond pick up a small win to the tune of €3,766.94. It wasn’t much of a victory, but a win is a win and it helped Galfond trim the deficit to ‘VeniVidi1993.’ As things stand 13,418 hands through the 25,000-hand match, ‘VeniVidi1993’ is up €588,542.12.

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On Tuesday, Galfond was up for the large majority of the first 450 hands or so. During that time, he was up as much as €40,000 at some points. Later in the match, it was ‘VeniVidi1993’ who pulled out in front and took his turn at leading the session by about €40,000. Galfond battled to the end to finish as the session’s winner.

At about 50 hands into the session, Galfond scooped the following €32,373 pot with a full house.

On the Jc7c6s2d2c board, ‘VeniVidi1993’ bet €3,597 into a pot of the same amount. Galfond raised to €14,388 and ‘VeniVidi1993’ tank-called.

Galfond showed the KsJd8h2h for a full house, deuces over jacks, and ‘VeniVidi1993’ mucked his hand.

Around 200 hands later, when Galfond was up around €40,000 on the session, the two played the following €40,397 pot that went the way of ‘VeniVidi1993.’

With €5,398.50 in the pot on the AdTc5sQd board, Galfond led with a pot-sized bet and ‘VeniVidi1993’ made the call. The 7s river completed the board and Galfond bet enough to put ‘VeniVidi1993’ all in. ‘VeniVidi1993’ had €12,100.75 left in his stack and called.

Galfond showed the 9h5d4d3h for a bluff and ‘VeniVidi1993’ had the KsKdJc9c for the winner with a Broadway straight.

Later on, Galfond got a big one back in his favor when he won the following €52,409.98 pot.

‘VeniVidi1993’ bet €1,835.49 on the 7d5h2h board and Galfond raised to €4,800. ‘VeniVidi1993’ made the call. The turn was the Ts and ‘VeniVidi1993’ fired a bet of €13,199. Galfond raised all in for €19,605.49 and ‘VeniVidi1993’ called.

‘VeniVidi1993’ revealed the AhAdQd3c and Galfond had the 8d6d5s2c. The river was the 4c to give both players a straight, but Galfond’s eight-high straight was the better of the two and he won the pot.

Challenge Results To Date

Hands Played Daily Winner Amount Won
Day 1 (Jan. 22) 655 VeniVidi1993 €72,572.68
Day 2 (Jan. 23) 715 Phil Galfond €2,615.26
Day 3 (Jan. 24) 557 VeniVidi1993 €84,437.52
Day 4 (Jan. 25) 581 VeniVidi1993 €17,544.87
Day 5 (Jan. 27) 726 VeniVidi1993 €155,063.52
Day 6 (Jan. 28) 703 VeniVidi1993 €13.31
Day 7 (Jan. 30) 823 VeniVidi1993 €52,057.13
Day 8 (Jan. 31) 940 VeniVidi1993 €60,743.37
Day 9 (Feb. 1) 446 VeniVidi1993 12,706.51
Day 10 (Feb. 3) 696 VeniVidi1993 €100,993.30
Day 11 (Feb. 4) 741 VeniVidi1993 €15,647.36
Day 12 (Feb. 6) 622 Phil Galfond €87,940.91
Day 13 (Feb. 7) 470 VeniVidi1993 €267,949.70
Day 14 (Feb. 8) 593 VeniVidi1993 €48,473.73
Day 15 (Feb. 9) 659 VeniVidi1993 €102,593.34
Day 16 (Mar. 4) 574 Phil Galfond €183,481.38
Day 17 (Mar. 5) 582 VeniVidi1993 €21,571.51
Day 18 (Mar. 6) 555 Phil Galfond €27,198.94
Day 19 (Mar. 7) 638 Phil Galfond €26,018.41
Day 20 (Mar. 9) 566 Phil Galfond €92,803.89
Day 21 (Mar. 10) 576 Phil Galfond €3,766.94
Total 13,418 VeniVidi1993 €588,542.12


What’s Next for the Galfond Challenge?

Next up fo the Galfond Challenge between Galfond and ‘VeniVidi1993’ is a session on Wednesday, March 11, starting at 12 p.m. ET.

The match is currently 13,418 hands complete. The two are scheduled to play 25,000 hands, with Galfond putting up €200,000 in side action to the €100,000 of ‘VeniVidi1993.’

Be sure to stay tuned to PocketFives for more on the Galfond Challenge.