Gavin Cochrane Wins WPT World Online Championship 8-Max Event

England's Gavin Cochrane made history on Tuesday after winning the WPT World Online Championship 8-Max Event (PokerCentral photo)

Gavin Cochrane woke up on Tuesday knowing that his fate in the World Poker Tour World Online Championship 8-Max event was largely in his own hands.

Cochrane started the final table with nearly 1/3 of the chips in play and a stack double the size of his nearest threat. Over the five hours of final table action, Cochrane eliminated five of his eight competitors to become the first player to earn inclusion in the WPT Champions Club by winning an online poker tournament.

Along with getting his name engraved on the Sexton Cup, Cochrane earned entry into the next WPT Tournament of Champions and can buy-in to the event in any subsequent year.

Not long after cards were in the air Cochrane opened to 700,000 from middle position before Sam Grafton got his last 281,000 in the middle. Dmitry Yurasov re-raised to 3,200,000 and Cochrane folded. The board ran out Qc6c5hJdKh to eliminate Grafton in ninth.

Grafton’s elimination didn’t do anything to increase the pace of other bustouts and it took 45 minutes to lose another player. Ognyan Dimov moved all in from UTG for 4,100,000 with QdJd and Boivin called. The QsJsTs flop gave Dimov top two pair but left Boivin drawing to 15 outs twice. The 2s turn was one of those to give Boivin control. Dimov was unable to fill up on the Ad river and was out in eighth.

Just ten minutes Jiachen Gong later moved all in from UTG for 4,700,000 with As9s before Daniel Colpoys called from the big blind after waking up with TcTs. The 8d5d3s flop didn’t look goo for Gong but he did pick up the nut flush draw with the Qs turn. The river was the Kd to miss Gong’s draws and he finished in seventh place.

Cochrane unofficially took the reigns 25 minutes later after winning a coinflip for the biggest pot of the tournament to this point. Cochrane raised to 1,000,000 from middle position with TcTs before Colpoys moved all in for 10,300,000 with AcKs. Cochrane called and the Qs3c2s flop kept him in front. Colpoys found no relief on the 7h turn or 5s river and was sent to the rail in sixth.

It took just seven minutes for Cochrane to find another victim. Cochrane raised to 1,000,000 wit4h Ks7s before Shyngis Satubayev moved all in for 4,700,000 with AcTc and Cochrane called. The QdTs8s flop hit both players with Satubayev leading with second pair. The Kd turn gave Cochrane top pair to go with his flush draw and the 3d river was a blank to make Satubayev’s fifth place finish official.

Yurasov became the third consecutive player eliminated by Cochrane but it took nearly two hours of four-handed play to get there. Action folded to Cochrane in the big blind and he moved all in for 27,100,000 with KhKs. Yurasov called off his last 7,300,000 with Ad8h. The board ran out 8d6d3c6s7c to eliminate Yurasov in fourth.

Two hands later, Cochrane folded his button before Lars Kamphues moved all in for 7,400,000 with Kh8d and Boivin called with 5c5s. The board ran out 7h3c3hAcJc to give Boivin the pot and eliminate Kamphues in third place.

Boivin started heads-up play holding 65% of the chips in play but lost the lead after 15 minutes of play. Another half hour passed before Cochrane finished off his final opponent. Boivin called from the button with Ah4d before Cochrane opted to raise to 4,000,000 with AsJc. Boivin responded by moving all in for 22,600,000 and Cochrane called. The Ts8h7dTdJh runout changed nothing and Boivin was done in second giving Cochrane the victory.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Gavin Cochrane – $540,664.20
  2. Thomas Boivin – $388,118.52
  3. Lars Kamphues – $256,727.88
  4. Dmitry Yurasov – $173,995.60
  5. Shyngis Satubayev – $123,298.20
  6. Daniel Colpoys – $87,296.40
  7. Jiachen Gong – $61,171.20
  8. Ognyan Dimov – $48,427.20
  9. Sam Grafton – $40,143.60