Gediminas Uselis Wins WSOP $400 FORTY STACK For $211K

Lithuania's Gediminas Uselis earned another piece of WSOP hardware with his win in the $400 FORTY STACK.

Gediminas Uselis, one of Lithuania’s top online grinders, continued to add to his World Series of Poker accolades on Sunday by winning WSOP Event #76 ($400 FORTY STACK) for $227,186 and his first gold bracelet.

With over $2.5 million in online earnings and another $330,000 in live tournament results, Uselis has been spending the past year racking up wins in WSOP events. In November 2019, he grabbed his first live WSOP Circuit ring with a victory in the first-ever $2,200 High Roller the WSOPC Choctaw stop. He followed that up with an online victory in the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series on GGPoker for his second ring. On Sunday night he used that experience (and three bullets) to navigate the 4,461-entry field of Event #76 to claim a career-high cash and yet another piece of WSOP hardware.

It didn’t take long for the first player to fall at the final table. Uselis put in a raise from early position with QcTs and Nicolau Villa Lobos shipped his short stack for slightly more holding KdQd. Yucheng Xiao made the call from the cutoff with AdTd and Uselis also came along. Uselis and Xiao checked it down through the 8cAs5h6h4h runout, giving the hand to Xiao who paired his ace. Villa Lobos departed in ninth place.

Brazil’s Guilherme Dos Santos was running on fumes when he faced a late open raise from Andrew Wilson who opened with Ac6c. Dos Santos made his stand with 8h4d from the small blind. The Ah7d3c flop left Dos Santos looking for serious help. The Th turn had him drawing dead to the 2c river and Dos Santos exited in eighth place.

A classic cooler was responsible for the end of Michelle Roberts’ tournament as she got her stack in the middle holding KcKs against the AhAs of Israel’s Yaniv Bohadana. The Jh8d3c5d7c board ran clean for the pocket aces and left with less than a small blind in her stack, Roberts lost the very next hand to finish in seventh place.

The rapid bustouts continued as Wilson put in a raise with Qh6h only to be shoved on by Xiao holding AdTc. Wilson opted to go with it and made the call. The QsJc9h flop put Wilson in the lead but opened the door for Xiao to hit a gutshot straight in addition to his ace. The 2c was no help and the Qd improved Wilson to trip queens and sent Xiao to the rail in sixth place.

From under the gun, Espen Jorstad put in half of his short stack in with 6h6d only to be shoved on for less by Bohadana holding JdJs in the small blind. Wilson folded his big blind and Jostad made the call, leaving himself with only a few chips behind. The QhJh3c flop all but locked up the hand but when the 9h hit the turn, flush outs opened up for Jorstad. However it was the Qs that fell on the river awarding the hand to Bohadana and leaving Jorstad crippled. Jorstad was eliminated on the very next hand in fifth place.

From the button, Silviya Kaymakchieva put in a raise holding Ah8d only to be reraised by Wilson in the big blind with JhJs. Kaymakchieva made the call with their tournament on the line. The board ran out 6d2h2c3h9d never gave Wilson’s jacks a sweat and Kaymakchieva fell in fourth place.

At three-handed Uselis made his move, doubled through Wilson and climbed the chip counts to eventually take over the chip lead. He scored his second knockout of the final table when he shipped his stack from the small blind holding 2s2h and Bohadana made the call with his final ten big blinds with QdJs. The flop came Th9h3d giving Bohadana open-ended straight outs in addition to his overcards. The 7s turn didn’t help and the 2d river improved Uselis to a set and sent Bohadana home in third place.

The thirty-minute heads up match saw the chip lead pass back-and-forth between Uselis and Wilson a number of times. The final hand was a big one as Wilson called on the button with Kc8c and Uselis checked his option holding Js7d. The flop came 7s6c9c. Uselis checked, Wilson put in a bet. Uselis called and the 7h hit the turn. Both players checked. The 7c fell on the river. Uselis, covering Wilson, open shoved his quads. Wilson, with the king-high flush, tanked but ultimately called, ending his run as the runner-up.

Gediminas Uselis took home $211,282, a package to play in World Series of Poker Europe, and his first career gold bracelet.

Final Table Results

  1. Gediminas Uselis – $211,282
  2. Andrew Wilson – $159,705
  3. Yaniv Bonhadana – $114,237
  4. Silviya Kaymakchieva – $81,714
  5. Espen Jorstad – $58,450
  6. Yucheng Xiao – $41,809
  7. Michelle Roberts – $29,906
  8. Guilherme Dos Santos – $21,392
  9. Nicolau Villa Lobos – $15,302