“Get Off the Walmart Connection”


“Back in the day, I had a really bad internet connection, and apparently Walmart used to sell really bad internet, so my friends would always tell me to get off the Walmart connection. Actually, a couple of weeks after I made my PokerStars account, I got a job working at Walmart out of sheer coincidence.”

Those were the comedic and rather ironic words of Mike WalmartCNXNFarrow (pictured), who talked about the origins of his screen name. He was part of a three-way chop of the PokerStars Sunday Million last month and put away $165,000, the largest amount given out. There were over 6,700 entrants that week, boosting the prize pool past $1.3 million.

“I’m feeling really good about it,” Farrow said of his big chop. “I feel pretty blessed to have had that opportunity.” He added about the three-way deal, “I could have pushed for a little more money, and I think probably should have deserved that. At the same time, I think it would have been pretty irresponsible of me to risk $100,000 just for a spot I thought I had a small advantage in.”

He’s at almost $645,000 in tracked online MTT cashes and plans to use his Sunday Million payday to pay off the rest of his student loans, invest in real estate, and take a vacation. “I’ve always wanted to own some property,” he said, “so perhaps I will look into that. I will also meet with a financial consultant to hopefully acquire some guidance.”

The Canadian isn’t sure how the score will change his poker career, but he explained, “I know having that type of deep run will be helpful in the future. As far as my game selection, I think that will stay more or less the same, but I might take a few shots at some live events and sell some action in some of the bigger tournaments.”

If you haven’t already figured out, Farrow is a full-time student, but puts full-time hours into poker. He is studying Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management in Quebec and will be graduating next year. He is the top-ranked PocketFiver in the city of Guelph(pictured) and sits at his all-time high worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings of #258.

He got started in the game after his uncle would come over and orchestrate $5 home games. “A friend then showed me 180-man Turbos and I have been hooked on the online grind ever since,” he said. “The game interests me mainly because I have always been an extremely competitive guy and feel like the incentive to win against your opponent by analyzing their mind through logic and deduction creates an amazing competitive dynamic.”

Thirteen days prior to his Sunday Million chop, he won the Big $55 for $14,000, his second largest score to date. We asked him what else he’s into besides studying and playing cards: “During the school year, poker, school, and spending time with the girlfriend are about all I do. During the summer, I get to go home to see all of my friends and do lots of fishing, golfing, and a beer flag football league.” Yes, a beer flag football league.

Farrow closed by sending shout outs to GotADream, Running Goot, maheekens, and all of the guys in the OG grinder chat. He noted, “I’m thankful for everything we’ve brought to the table for each other. Also, thanks to my family for being as supportive as possible of me in poker and pursuing my personal goals.”

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