GGPoker Launches Innovative Bad Beats Reward Program “GGCare”

GGPoker is looking to compensate players who run into some bad luck at their tables.

In poker, the only thing worse than being forced to listen to someone else’s bad beat story is suffering a brutal bad beat of your own. GGPoker is helping players better deal with the sting of getting coolered by rewarding them with cash prizes with their latest promotion called GGCare.

GGCare is a new rewards promotion for their online players who suffer from bad beats, suckouts, or unavoidable coolers. Without having to opt-in, when a player runs into a particularly bad beat or cooler, GGCare kicks in. A pop-up window appears in the client and lets that player know that they’ve been granted a stack in the GGCare Daily $30,000 Flipout tournament.

There’s no need for the player to be in their seat for the Flipout tournament in order to cash. The tournament runs and automatically forces every player all-in every hand until there is a winner. Those who make the money will find it automatically paid to them and waiting for them in their balance.

Then, the whole promotion starts all over again. The very next day a new group of players who took a bad beat is entered into the next Flipout tournament with $30,000 in cash prizes distributed to a new batch of winners.

“We’ve all experienced the pain of bad beats. It’s part of the game,” saidGGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu. “But GGPoker has your back. With GGCare, you can suffer the worst bad beat and still come out ahead.”

According to the GGPoker website, their team of game experts “will continually look for unlucky situations” in order to optimize what details will trigger an instance of GGCare. Each game has its own conditions and players are granted a stack size in the Flipout in accordance with the size of the pot and the severity of the bad beat or cooler.

As far as GGPoker is concerned the more unlucky a player is, the more deserving they are of GGCare. So when the run bad appears in multiple hands of a session, a player will accumulate additional chips in the Flipout tournament making it more likely that they’ll see rewards put back in their bankroll in the end.

“Just play the game as normal and GGCare will take care of you,” said Negreanu. “The prize money will only grow more and more in the future.”

GGCare is currently available for GGPoker’s Hold’em, Omaha, and Short Deck standard cash games as well as their All-In of Fold, Rush & Cash, and Spin & Gold.

GGPoker will add tournament coverage at a later time.