Gleb ‘Ti0’ Tremzin Dancing His Way to Poker Glory


Russia’s Gleb ‘Ti0’ Tremzin has been helping his wife with her dance studio and pounding out six-figure online and live poker scores

If your wife says “Jump,” the proper response is, “How high?” If your wife says, “Market my dance studio,” you do it. Sure, you might be missing out on a few final table opportunities or the new Game of Thrones, but at least your wife’s business will be booming.

Such is the life of Gleb ‘Ti0’ Tremzin, who lives in the Russian city of Archangelsk and helps his wife with her dance studio endeavors.

“We do some master classes and festivals,” he said. “It helps sometimes to get away from poker for a few minutes.”

Tremzin’s wife has been the director of the dance studio for four years and the business has 150 people currently enrolled.

“It’s mostly hip-hop, but we also do house dancing and some new styles,” the Russian said. The poker pro helps with finances and marketing and lends his words of advice when he’s asked for them.

The studio invites instructors from different countries around the world to hold master classes. As such, it’s always being infused with new blood.

“We mostly invite people when we need judges for our festivals and battles,” he said. “One of our biggest festivals consisted of around 50 dancers from our city. We were preparing for around two years for it and it was a hip-hop performance called ‘From the Beginning.’ The main idea was to tell about people who got AIDS. When they got this information, they had a ‘new life.'”

‘From the Beginning’ ran in different auditoriums around town and its most-attended performance had 1,200 people in the house.

Another largely-attended dance festival his wife’s studio ran, coincidentally enough, took place during the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker. It was called ‘Popcorn’ and featured 12 groups of dancers moving to the beats of different cinematic themes.

Tremzin has $2.4 million in career online tournament winnings and is the 20th-ranked player in his home country. In case you’re wondering, he used to breakdance a bit, albeit not at a highly competitive level. Still, he has managed to find a balance between helping his wife with her budding enterprise and booking big wins online and live.

“The studio has been open for four years now, but it’s just a small business with the idea of making our town a little better,” he said of the venue’s altruistic purpose. “The kids love it very much. We have one group of kids with a disease of the brain and they are doing better because of the studio.”

Tremzin and his wife primarily use social networks in order to drum up new business and they get even more referrals through the various festivals.

“My main profit is still from poker,” he said. “But, I’m not a sick grinder. Mostly, I play nonstop during SCOOP and WCOOP and also play in offline events.”

Sundays remain a major day of the week for Tremzin’s online grind and when major online events aren’t running, he plays one or two nights of MTTs. On other nights, he fires up cash games and sit and gos as his schedule permits.

“I mostly help with the dance studio during festivals and master classes,” he said.

There are over 1,200 registered PocketFivers from Russia who have PLB scores. Tremzin has been among the group’s most successful players and, despite his wife’s business success, there have been rumblings that the couple will move to a southern city in Russian in order to realize a better climate. His current home, Archangelsk, is located on the White Sea and is further north than both Helsinki and Stockholm.

“I travel a lot, so we do not need to move out of our country altogether,” he said. “We are considering moving to Sochi, where the Olympic Games were. We have dedicated gambling areas all over the country and Sochi soon should be one of the most interesting ones. A lot of money was invested in that city, so it’s pretty nice now. I invite all of our foreign friends to visit.”

If Tremzin moved to Sochi, which is located near the border with Georgia, he could swim in the summer and snowboard during the winter, adding a little diversity to his life which right now primarily consists of poker and dance.

And if he were to trek south like a snowbird, the dance studio would still exist in its current location. “With the internet, it’s not a big problem to control it from a distance,” he said. The couple could also visit Archangelsk periodically to make sure the inmates haven’t overrun the asylum.

Wherever he goes, success in online poker will likely follow. He has six scores of at least $100,000 to his credit, one of the largest totals of anyone on PocketFives (Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman, by comparison, only has four). They’ve all come during major online tournament series and the largest is a $253,000 haul for a third place finish in an FTOPS Main Event in 2012.

Tremzin is a three-time WCOOPbracelet winner, having won $530 No Limit Hold’em Cubed and $700 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up events within a week in 2012. He also won a $700 Draw event last September during the 2015 WCOOP for title #3. Over the years, the Russian has taken also down tournaments like the partypoker Super High Roller, Saturday Super-Knockout, and partypoker Sunday Major.

He has also struck it rich on the live circuit. Last December, he pocketed almost $800,000 for getting second in the EPT Prague Main Event. And he’s at #30 on the all-time money list for Russia, according to the Hendon Mob.

Besides poker and dance, Tremzin is working on a project called

“We did it after the changes PokerStars made to its VIP system,” he said. “It’s a project where businessmen cooperate with poker players to create a really good poker room with good rake and a place where pros will be respected.”