Heads-Up with the Record-Setting Chris Moorman (moorman1)

Published on Oct 11th, 2013

We've had a plethora of Chris moorman1 Moorman-related articles on PocketFives recently. It's hard to believe that one player can be so successful, but Moorman (pictured) has been on a tear of biblical proportions as of late. Two weeks ago, he became the first PocketFiver ever to pass $10 million in tracked online poker scores. Then, he scored a record-setting 16th online poker Triple Crown. He is far and away the most successful player in the history of PocketFives, so we caught up with Moorman to talk about his latest run.

PocketFives: Congrats on reaching $10 million in tracked scores. That's a huge accomplishment. Tell us what the key to your longevity has been. You have been an active member of our site since 2006.

Chris Moorman: Poker isn't always going well and I am quick to question the things I am doing and look for alternatives. I am fortunate to have a great group of U.K. players to discuss things with and can adapt my game based upon our discussions. Also, I am really competitive and hate losing, so the minute I start to downswing, I try to work a way out of it as soon as possible rather than just bemoan my luck.

PocketFives: Did you have a chance to celebrate your $10 million achievement?

Chris Moorman: badpab2 (pictured) and I went out for a nice meal and a few beers after the Saturday grind. I just found out that there might be an article about it in a U.K. tabloid, which would be pretty cool and obviously good for poker too.

PocketFives: We're talking to you while you're in Mexico. How long were you there and when are you headed back to Europe?

Chris Moorman: I get home just in time for EPT London. I'm hoping I can go seven places better there this time. No one should leave this place, though. badpab2 arrived for the last week of the WCOOP and went on a serious heater here, shipping around $80,000 in profit in five sessions. I also had my $10 million achievement here.

PocketFives: What is it like being a celebrity? We know you just launched your own website.

Chris Moorman: I appreciate all the support from everyone so much. It's crazy and amazing that so many people want to get advice from me on how to play.

PocketFives: Tell us what the U.K. tabloid and other mainstream media outlets would ask you about poker in an interview.

Chris Moorman: Just basic stuff really, as they don't understand poker as well as people inside the industry. A lot of the time, they might ask questions that aren't really relevant.

PocketFives: What's the over-under on when you'll get to $20 million in tracked scores?

Chris Moorman: Who knows what will happen to online poker in the future. There could be huge buy-ins like there are now, which would obviously change the career cash list considerably. One thing you can count on is that I'll continue to grind hard and try to bring my A-game as often as possible. You need to come up with a new target badge for me to shoot for, though!

PocketFives: We're discussing what the next badge will be. Is there anyone you want to salute in the meantime?

Chris Moorman: I'd like to thank my family, girlfriend, and friends for all of the support they have given me. This wouldn't have been possible without them. They help me have a balanced lifestyle.

Congrats again to Moorman on becoming the first player in PocketFives history to reach $10 million in scores.


  1. tabs on pab

  2. 10m..thats so sick...gratz

  3. Grats Sir Moorman !!The Mac in front of you on the first pic is your grinding labtop .. ?? or your Business one ?

  4. Classy dude. Wish I was even a fraction as good as he is at this. Congrats

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